Sunday, August 05, 2007


We're not talking high-speed internet here, people. Say it with me: Dick Sucking Lips. Crude, yes, but apparently I have them as was told to me by two guy friends whom I have known forever*. I feel like I've won a superlative or something.

Thank you, thank you! I couldn't have done it without really good genes and some nice lipgloss!

But what does one do with such a feature? Oh wait, that! Not tonight, though. Tonight was more about stopping things before they went too far. I think it was a good thing there wasn't a drop of alcohol in sight.

*And have never bing bonged. I've only kissed these two guys. Nothing more.


Billy Badass said...

Congratulations for having dsl. They'll serve you well... along with any guy you'll ever be with! Haha.

Anonymous said...

I dunno... I've never gotten a good blowjob. Bad experiences with teeth and braces just kinda make it unappealing to me.

NotCarrie said...

Billy Badass- Hahhaha, so funny.

Pele- Yikes. Braces sound scary.

Anonymous said...

what do dsl look like?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Look at any picture of Angelina Jolie.