Sunday, July 15, 2007

Missed Connections

In order to properly celebrate NotDarling’s birthday, the chicas and I crammed into a car and headed into DC on Friday to spend the evening declaring our favorite things about our birthday boy and buying him (and us) some super strong drinks.

Tryst was way less crowded than the last time I remember, but it worked out well for getting drinks and checking out the crowd. Sometime in the night we decided that we wanted to have some “Missed Connections” and from then on kept our eyes peeled for worthy recipients while at the same time positioning ourselves to be missed as well.

Checking online the next day quickly revealed that we had not had any missed connections, unfortunately. Having celebrated the birthday boy’s day was much more important, but it would have been hysterical to see a message on Craigslist like, “Hott guy with four women. You single and/or a pimp?”

I usually forget to go to Craigslist, to be honest. I think it is because I know I will get addicted. I have posted one missed connection in the past for someone who comes to the second job frequently, but that’s the extent of my MC experience.

When I do think to go there and browse the missed connections, I find them to be a bit overwhelming so I have thought of a few things to keep in mind when writing your next one:

+The location MUST be on there. When I scan, I scan for where I have been, of course.

+Put your age. No one wants to reply to a skeevy 80 year old pervert. (Unless you’re an 80 year old pervert-lover.)

+Make the subject line very clear and eye catching. Either put the place or a defining physical feature of mine in there. Otherwise, my eyes will skim over it while reading.

+Don’t try to be too cute in the body of the message. If you sound weird, no one will respond.

+Do not sound like you stalked me and now know my bra size, third grade teacher’s name, and apartment number. Creepy!

Has anyone had a successful missed connection??

And by the way, this is our 666th post.


startingtoday said...

I have never had a missed connection! I've actually never posted one, and then again, I don't check MC all that often.. but occasionally I check it out. I'm really curious to see if anyone has actually had one! I will keep checking back to find out!

Starting Today
I See Dc

Milwaukee Girl said...

I've always wanted to be a missed connection too! But there are a lot of creepy ones, and you're 100% right on the not specific posts. Really? You missed a blonde girl with a nice rack - congrats that narrows it down to like 150 people in the Bay View, WI area alone ...

mysterygirl! said...

Tryst's webpage used to have its own Missed Connections section. I'm not sure if they still do, but you should check, just in case. :)

NotCarrie said...

Nothing yet! Thanks for the heads up, Mysterygirl.

Miss Flirty said...

Craigslist is addicting. I usually check the missed connections for myself, then for all of my friends. We haven't actually ever come across one for us, but my old roommate had a rather embarrassing one. She had tucked her skirt into her underwear when we were at a bar and some guy called her out on Missed Connections. Glad it wasn't me!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I never knew craigslist had a missed connections section so to speak. Hmmmmmmmm....

al said...

My cousin and his girlfriend (of over a year) met randomly on a streetcar in Toronto...and then she wrote about it, he saw it, and the rest is, uh, history?

The funny thing is they both swear they don't regularly check the site. I'm not sure if I believe them, but, I do like the story.

Cait said...

I've been a Missed Connection before. My friend spotted it and figured that being a brunette, 5'6 girl named Caitlyn at this small bar was a rarity. I wrote to see who it was and remembered the guy. He was really creepy though so it never would have worked.

Miss Flirty said...

A friend and I had a missed connection a few nights ago on CL. Not exactly the kind of MC we had hoped for though. Here is my friends response (along with the original posting)

Be glad you haven't had one of those!