Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beauty + Money = Empty Beds or Why the Rich and Famous will get none of my sympathy

I'm not usually one to read tabloids. In fact I try to keep as far away from them as possible. However, I couldn't help but notice the glaring cover of last weeks (this weeks, however the hell the date the damn things), US Weekly magazine, that boldly proclaimed that there was some reason why the rich, famous and beautiful were lonely and unloved.

*keys up tinny violin music*

The cover splash had pictures of NotANoseJob
, NotADyeJob and NotABoobJob (you decide who belongs with which), and declared for all and sundry that if the rich and famous can't find love than what hope is there for the rest of us. Thanks US Weekly for making the other 90% of the population take a flying leap of the nearest relationship cliff.

I refuse to sympathize with movie stars who can't find love. I'm having a hard enough time finding sympathy for my own poorly managed love life, thank you very much. However, for the sake of being fair (though lord knows that article was already slanted), I paged through the piece to see exactly why the rich, overwhelmed by paparazzi should even deign to get any pity from me because their love life matches my own.

And discovering that like most rich and famous they want to be catered to. There is even a psychiatrist to analyze this behavior. I'm sorry, but having a shrink declare in so many words that a movie star is high maintenance doesn't win them any brownie points in my book. Saying that they're unlucky in love because no man is willing to step up to the plate just further vilifies the men in Hollywood (grow some balls guys).

I've written posts on men not understanding women because they're not sure where their societal role is anymore, or women who overcompensate for the men in their relationship because the typical masculine role isn't being played out in its stereotyped fashion. And at this point I feel like throwing in the towel.

To be honest, the movie stars won't get any sympathy from me because they represent the ideal in this very shallow society we live in. They're beautiful, they have money and they're available. So what's stopping them from being in a relationship? A combo of themselves and the people they want to be with. They're the ideal, but they don't want to believe that someone can want them for just themselves, likewise for the guy approaching them, he doesn't believe he can live up to their standards. For someone like yours truly, who is your average American female I really don't need to see that even being super beautiful, having money and power of your own to boot will exclude you from getting a date, keeping a boyfriend, let alone getting married.

I'd like to believe that I've still got a chance...of course I also believe that its okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When are we going to stop jockeying for the top dog position and just be a man and a woman trying to fit together in a relationship? Besides if we leave it to the movie stars to show us the way, we'll never get a date, a shag, a marriage or a kid (if you're so inclined), without needing someone else to reassure us that we're fine as we are and we can do bad together or by ourselves.


notawaitress said...

You absolutely still have a chance. However, it is NOT okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day, however. I was brought up in NJ, and Southerners are apparently with me on this. Be with us, too, NotSamantha!

notawaitress said...

It's also not okay to use "however" twice in one sentence. Mea culpa!

CarmenSinCity said...

Not a dye job = Cameron Diaz

Not a boob job = Jessica Simpson

Not a nose job = Jennifer Aniston

I read too much US Weekly!

jess said...

I don't think I've ever read a tabloid in my life. Lindsay who?

Anonymous said...

There's a lid for every pot... The selection of diamond encrusted, platinum lids is few and far between.

Besides, I don't think I do enough recreational pharmaceuticals to be with someone like Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrities live in their own world. As kids, they go to special schools between film takes, photoshoots, meetings with an agent, what have you... They have people at their beck and call at all times on set which usually extends to off set.

Being social outcasts, they artificially limit their own selection. Doesn't take a statistician to see that fewer available partners makes for a lonely bunch.

I kinda pity them.

You've got a better chance being average.

janbee88 said...

For the record, Tabloids never talk to celebrity shrinks. They create celebrity shrinks and say that there was a bona fide, on-going conversation. For all we know, they may be among the happiest people on the planet. Who knows? And, really, who cares? The majority haven't produced anything worthy of their status and money recently anyway.