Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last evening I attended one of the two weddings I've been invited to this summer. I made sure to look extra hot and for the first time in a long while, I felt 100% put together and ready to attract a potential mate.

I ended up taking one of my best friends, NotCurly, along with me. I figured she'd be a good wingman and besides, we always have a great time together. This time was no exception. The wedding was in Arlington, at a small church near Glebe Road. It was beautiful and everyone looked happy and gorgeous.
We then traveled to Springfield for the reception. NotCurly and I were some of the first to arrive, so we got a good seat at our table, backs to the wall. Perfect place to sit and be judgmental. Another bonus, it was 50 feet from the open bar.
Yes. We were already on our second cranberry & vodka before everyone else sat at our table. On my right was my boo, on my left... a tall goateed gentleman. Within 5 minutes of talking, I discovered he was dating one of the bridesmaids, but somehow that didn't stop the both of us from flirting up a storm.
I knew that it would be a good night when ten minutes into our conversation, he says the following:
"wow, my drink isn't as strong as yours. I probably just didn't show enough cleavage."

It's like the bride and groom knew just who to sit us by. Over the course of the evening, NotCurly had 10 drinks, while I with my modest 7 tried my best to curb the craving for 3 more. Halfway through dinner, we had talked the guy into getting our drinks for us and at a certain point we were double parking, rum & coke on one side, our cranberry on the other.

Soon though, the flirting was over. The bridal party dispersed and for the first time in the evening, my flirtmate decided to go say hi to his girlfriend. She walked up to the table and immediately NotCurly goes "well, no WONDER he's been flirting with you, you've only got one chin!"
I'd tell you the rest of the comments my dear friend enlightened me with, but if that one quote is any indication, I think it's best I keep them to myself.
He and his girlfriend were talking to each other at the other side of the table to an older lady I had been friendly towards near the beginning (pre drink part) of the evening and I soon realized that his girlfriend's mother had been sitting across from me the entire time. As well as her sister.
No one had told me, and I'm sure that she heard everything that came out of our mouths to each other, as well as the steadfast glances McBoyfriend made towards my chest.

I realized last evening how much I love to shamelessly flirt and how I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my single status because it's so fun. Besides, if I had been his girlfriend, I would NOT have been happy to look over and see my boyfriend flirting with the prettiest girl in the room. (;-))


CarmenSinCity said...

You go girl! Flirting is so much fun. I can't believe he was so shameless in his flirting when her mom was right across the table. What was he thinking?

CoatMan said...

Hmm, shame you do not have, but at least you have confidence ;-)

(Actually, confidence is extremely attractive - no wonder you were getting flirted at...)

Tbone said...

Hahaha...that so sounds like something I would do...I have severe foot in mouth disease, and I always get caught flirting at all the wrong times!

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Flirting is sooo much fun!

emma said...

Flirting is my hobby. It should've been my major in college

Aah...tis wedding season....I just love weddings. Such a great place to meet people. :-)

Chuckles said...

Weddings are weird. As a single guy, I have found the whole thing annoying. Either all the women are with someone or the groom tells you that you aren't allowed to hit on the single ones. It just isn't right.