Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheeseburger In Paradise

I was in NotCheers again today. My sister and I met up for lunch and, of course, chose one of our favorite places to dine. About halfway through our meal we heard the familiar sound of clapping as about four waiters and waitresses came to a table near ours to sing Happy Birthday to a fellow patron. And who was in this small, intimate group of singers that was extremely close to our table? Oh yes, the waiter from the other night.

My sister and I both immediately turned out faces the other way and tried to hold back our laughter. Who would have thought we would ever see him during the day shift?! And I was so not ready for it, either. It was just an off moment and not one where I wanted to get my flirt on. So, we hid our faces and then made sure to get out of there before he could see and recognize us. I promise to not hide next time:)


Chuckles said...

I double dog dare you to ask him out. March right up and do it. I'll even triple dog loop de loop dare you.

You can't back down now.

NotCarrie said...

Sure I can.

I know nothing about him. He could be 18 for all I know. Or 35 and married.

Besides, I dont want to ask him out.

Tikinho said...

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Chuckles said...

Ok, that's just rude tikinho.

Starboard Tack said...

Guys do like it when girls ask us out -- it implies that she is "easy"...