Friday, June 15, 2007


Last night, NotCurly and I went to a party. Our old bakery manager, NotBaker, was having a get together for all of the people that work there and when I visited the other day, he enthusiastically invited me.
Might I mention that NotBaker is fucking hot. Our mutual attraction of each other is apparent, though we've never actually said anything about it to each other. When we talk, it's a LOT of eye sex.
On Wednesday I called him at work to get his address and his voice couldn't hide his enthusiasm.
His final words before going back to his job? "I'm really looking forward to seeing you."

I immediately mapquested his address to find that I live literally 5 minutes away from him. FIVE minutes. As NotMiranda says, walking distance.

We show up to the party late, hoping that most are already drunk so we can start making fun of them. Our wish came true. The place was packed with people I had grown to know as either too nice, too annoying, or too lazy. It was almost too much to handle.
NotBaker ran up to greet us and I made my first move. I handed him a plate of my specialty cupcakes. Score one, NotCharlotte.

The night was fun. NotCurly and I did our traditional making fun of people and every so often (more often than not), NotBaker joined our exclusive group and regaled us with stories about people from work, as well as uber personal stories about himself. It was tmi, in a good way. At one point he invited us to see his room and of course we jumped at the chance to get a glimpse of star wars posters, an unmade bed, and dirty laundry. We go upstairs and... are completely shocked at not only the gigantic size of his bedroom, but of the pure organization and cleanliness of not only his room but his bathroom. Everything is in it's place, there isn't a poster in sight, just nicely framed pictures, a large stereo, and several family pictures. Next to his bed was a bookshelf filled with the various books that got him through culinary school.
Two seconds after we enter his room, however, two drunk girls come screaming in, yelling at him for not inviting them up. They both jump on his bed and immediately start extolling the virtues of his sheets. He is in the bathroom, so NotCurly and I decide to try out his bed ourselves.
I have to tell you, the second I slid my hand in between the sheets, I knew that I wanted to get him in them.
Finally, I have found a guy to be interested in that has something going for him. He's got his shit together.

Last night I didn't get really drunk. I didn't hit on NotBaker mercilessly. I did not make a fool out of myself by spilling drinks. I was charming, adorable, and slightly flirty. I made sure he knew I was interested and I think he felt the same.
At this point it's all speculation, but if this is going to work, it needs to happen slowly. Right before we departed for the evening, he made sure to get my number and a nice tight hug. He walked us to the door and goes "Do you guys really have to leave? I hate everyone else here."

I went to sleep after drunk texting random people. I woke up and in the middle of my morning internet surfing, received a text from NotBaker:
"Your cupcakes are awesome."


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Aawww..... I love new, budding relationships! They are really so much fun and full of promise.

DCWeddingPhotog said...

Awesome! Good luck with this dude!

jo said...

and he's hot? wow!! you go girl!! haha!

Chuckles said...

I hope he asked you out over the weekend.

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, so when are you going out? work it and reverse it.