Wednesday, March 28, 2007 is confirmed. We have sexual tension.

Let me back up. My date for Friday* was in the store last night (he tutors high school math there every Tuesday and Thursday), and I would swear he reads this blog. After chatting via email** off and on all day, he raced to the store to chat with me before I clocked in. In the past, we've been pretty good at the "making eyes" but not much else. However, as I was about to walk into the breakroom, he stepped really close, making it difficult for me to breathe. I think I did that thing where I look up through my eyelashes and ducked inside.

As the night progressed, he would take periodic breaks from tutoring and would either stop by and say hi or pass me with that look. At one point, we were back in the science section, and he was asking questions about math textbooks. He grabbed my hand under the auspices of looking at my tattoo and moved in closer. This man was about to back me up against the shelves and kiss me. It was that move! Despite the fact that I was having trouble breathing and was a little weak, I am nothing if not a tease and wasn't about to let him kiss me like that before we even went out. I performed this rather amazing duck-graze move and walked away, kind of chuckling to myself because I know he was dying.

Before he left, he found me once again to say goodbye. The sexual tension hung in the air. I don't care if that's did. Making sure to touch my arm twice as idle banter continued, he finally left.

Looks like the question of chemistry has been answered. Friday should prove interesting.

*His going to Puerto Rico for work and my well booked schedule made this Friday the earliest we could get together.
**Finally talking to this guy online was SUCH a relief. I was having a hard time dealing with a strictly phone/face-to-face person.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! Sounds exciting. You are going to have such a great date Friday! You have got to blog about it.


Sexual tension is the shizz, I love it...(even experienced vicariously through someone else). Have fun girl...and spill all the goods on Monday.

Princess Extrordinaire said...

Woohoo! We have lift off! Isn't sexual tension almost better than sex?

Kellie said...

That is the best part- the whole seduction thing... :) Love it.

CarmenSinCity said...

I love it!!!!

Can't wait to hear more.

Johnny DC said...

or you could have just had some down and dirty shelf sex.

Alejandra said...

oooh that's so fun. Good luck! And yes, please tell us all about it...

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