Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coming Back For More

I suppose it's time for my Charity Auction Date roundup.

I've been on 3 of my five, yes five dates so far. NotCar gave you guys the dirt on our duo date with NotAGentleman.
A few weeks ago I met up with NotA$5Whore (his choice in name, not mine) at Sweetwater Tavern, one of my favorite restaurants. This was a long time coming, seeing as how sickness, weather, and supernatural powers kept us from meeting up. We had a nice dinner of salmon and beers while talking about our respective families. I do believe he listened to a lot of my... complaining about work, but I think he understood. He didn't tell me until later that our date was about to be cancelled yet again due to the fact that a rock hit his windshield, causing a huge crack. I found this quite amusing, but not in the "oh, I laugh at your coincidence" kind of way, but more "wow, that's crazy." He should be an interesting and welcome addition to our already expanding group of drinking buddies/boos.

This past Saturday I went on a date with NotGraceful. He's the one I had wanted to win, given our history, but seeing as how he was only in it for the milk, I dropped the entire thing and moved on. About a week ago I received an email from him saying that he indeed wanted to take me out and was also appreciative that I had bid on him. I decided to let him make all of the plans because, well I'm the girl. So he did, which surprised me quite a bit. I had to pick him up at work because he inadvertently cracked his windshield (wow, sound familiar?) and can't drive his car for some reason. We went to the Ballston Common Mall and walked around for awhile until our table was ready at the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, where we drank several beers and ate some green beans that tasted like they had been frozen. Conversation stayed mainly around music, which was good. We traded cd titles and both agreed that Fall Out Boy is one of the worst bands ever. After dinner we went to this comedy place in the mall and saw "The Blue Show," which was like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", but for adults only. It was highly entertaining and I recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh nonstop for 2 hours.
After that we walked back to my car and I basically drove him back to the store and dropped him off. Conversation in the car was a bit more awkward, I'm not sure what happened between dinner and the show, but I think he's an awkward character in general so I'll try not to analyze it too much. I asked him if he had fun and he goes "Yeah, for the most part." To which I shot him a look and he explained that he wasn't feeling well at the show and almost had to leave. That made me feel bad, but he should have told me! We sat in my car and talked about The Shins' new album for awhile and he made fun of me for my XM toggling action while driving. He then praised me for not saying my favorite catchphrase ("Whatever") all night. Then he kind of fiddled with the door handle for a minute and then gave me a big hug.
I then made sure his car started (seriously, he's got worse car kharma than NotMiranda) and after a quick wave I promptly left and picked NotMiranda up for a brief tour of 29 and some discussion of said date.
We'll see what happens at NotSamantha's birthday party this weekend.

It's going to be exciting. I can't wait to reveal the theme to all of you, NotSam especially since she has NO idea what it is. I will tell her the following: Paper mache is involved. So is the color pink. And hairspray.


Senor Beavis said...

[walks around carring picket signs]

Calling people "boos" is even more annoying than that James Blunt song! Seriously. I may never read again.

What do we want? NO BOOS!
When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!

NotCharlotte said...

It's interesting to me that out of a well thought-out blog of a significant length, you choose to single out a three letter word that is pretty inconsequential.

Picket if you want, it's our blog, we do what we want.

Hopefully you'll realize that we're quite clever and witty writers, so the use of words that we have a liking for will not bother you.

Dara said...

I am laughing at your second date, but only because I had a virtually identical sort-of-date a couple of weeks ago. Different restaurant, but it involved a male friend, a restaurant, randomly walking around the Ballston Commons Mall, the blue show, illness, and an awkward goodbye hug.

Boys are weird. But clearly, they're all the same.

Anonymous said...

Dara: How exactly are we weird?

(Something tells me this is a bad idea... Like the time I sunk my vehicle in a water trap whilst driving through a golf course.)

jo said...

maybe there's something bout you that causes those boys' windshields to crack haha! and i mean it in a good way...