Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello, Two Double Oh Seven

I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, but since this is my alter-ego of sorts, I'm going to make some. New Years Eve was a lot of fun and since I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to know what happened I'll tell you. I didn't have a kiss as hott as some recent years, but I'm not complaining about the cheek kisses I did give and receive. I also had a lot of fun and woke up the next day feeling okay both physically and emotionally as I knew I had not done anything to be embarassed by. And isn't that just as good as kissing some strange person? I mean, even better. Ha!

Onto the things I would like to keep in mind in Two Double Oh Seven:

1. Not that I get a lot of date invitations, but I want to be more open to the idea of new people.I think I am definitely the type to build a relationship from a friendship, which is something I should probably expand upon. There are gazillions of people out there and I need to not be afraid of encountering them in a romantic setting.

2. I don't want to let other people's negative moods to affect me. Sometimes it's like a club to join or something, but it's more important for me to remain positive. I'm an optimist, I really am. No negativity!

3. Floss more.

4. I won't wait to see what happens. I will try my best to make things happen.

5. I will not come home from my cousin's wedding without finding a fiance of my own.

Okay, kidding on #5. I might add to this later, but this is my concise list for the moment. Things to keep in mind.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on flossing more. I've been so bad about it lately.

As far as being more open to date invitations, I'll probably be just as closed as ever. I've been more flirty lately without feeling like a total douchebag and I that's huge for me. Okay, maybe I'll resolve to take more baby steps when it comes to boys...er, I mean, men.

NotCarrie said...

Well, I'm definitely NOT looking to pull the "say yes to every date invitation" thing, but I need to look a little farther than people so close to home. Ha!

Anonymous said...

i'm with you on being more positive. that's my goal this year too. positive people send out positive vibes and attract other positive people. and really no one wants to hang around a negative person.

you can tie a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue? i've tried and i can't :( haha!

Johnny said...

So you didnt have a Hump Him And Dump Him kind of new year?


NotCarrie said...

Johnny- I thought we agreed not to tell people.

Anonymous said...

Making things happen is my favorite. It's all about the power of NOW.

thepinkjellybaby said...

flossing more is one of mine as well, but i know i won't do it!

Anonymous said...

Floss picks saved my gums this past year, those things are awesome! You can take them everywhere you and no gross, tangled mess afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Those are my kind of resolutions. I'm not really good at taking the date invitations always either. Perfectly cute guy with a good job and I turn him down just because I don't feel like bothering with dating. I should try to change that in 07 too.

Exposed said...

I always think that people are so anti-"resolution". It's really just setting goals, and most people I know say, "I hate resolutions....BUT here are mine!"
Kudos to you for keeping them realistic, which is the spirit they should exist in (NOT I will go to the gym every day for four hours and become CEO in four months).