Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Visions Of Sugarplums Were So Not Dancing In My Head

Last night, while everyone else was dreaming of sugarplums and Sandy Claws, I was having one helluva dream about the most unlikely person. Without reading into who this dream was about (don't even ask), I must comment on how perfect it was plot-wise. I had a level of comfort in the dream that is something I think most of us are looking for. Even though I am now getting some of the details blurred, I remember he and I going on a short trip and taking opportunities when they arose to steal kisses. It was so sweet. I woke up feeling a little bad about having such a dream on Christmas Eve, when I should have been dreaming about what I would find in my stocking and under the tree, or really, I guess, about peace on Earth and good will to men, right? Ha!

And I know I'm being a bit secretive about who I was dreaming about, but it left me seriously perplexed when I woke up. 1) While I used to have a crush on this person, I no longer do, nor have I in awhile. 2) He's not the type to be in a situation that involves "sweet kisses."

I left the dream dictionary alone on this one and instead went about my day having a very merry Christmas and spending time with the family. I hope you had a good one, too.


Anonymous said...

I was in love with dream dictionaries until I realized that a lot of the time, it helps me most to interpret my dreams myself. After all, I know what's going on in my life better than the words on the page :)

(Oh and... never feel bad about the sweet stolen kisses, no matter what time of year it is!)

Carrie M said...

just enjoy it!! how often do we get to have dreams that are so nice? even if they are untimely or about the most unlikely people.

seriously, i stopped trying to interpret the people in my dreams. a friend told me that i still wasn't over something b/c i had a dream about this one guy. i thought that was BS, it was just one of those things.

again, enjoy it!! and merry christmas btw!

Johnny said...

Haha, well I wore my special mistletoe belt today just so you could have an excuse to kiss a certain special something.


Get on with it already.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I had a similar dream about an ex-crush. Randomness. Though I did see him briefly yesterday which may explain why he popped up in my subconciousness. I hated the fact that he was in my head, when I had tried all year to forget about his existence!

NotCarrie said...

I tend to have very real dreams. I'm often confused if they happened or not.

Anonymous said...

awww i wouldn't mind having such a sweet dream. but best if i had such a sweet reality haha!