Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

I'm headed out on a Thursday. It's like I'm in college again, haha! I'll do my ABSOLUTE best to come back with stories...holy hell do I need them.


Sandra Dee said...

I went out last Thursday. Let's just say Friday was reallllly hard to get through.

I'm old.

The Glitterati said...

Thurs partying is awesome... weekends are for amateurs. ;)

Sending good party vibes!

jo said...

i need stories too... and if i'm not having any of my own, i should live vicariously :P

allan said...

Don't let us down NotCarrie :)

ChickyBabe said...

Thursday nights are Martini nights! It's nice going out on a weeknight, good vibes!

Anonymous said...

Don't keep me in suspense ... what happened?

NotCarrie said...

Sandra Dee- Luckily, I'm off today. Otherwise I probably would have stayed in;)

The Glitterati- Haha, I agree, but work schedules can get in the way.

Jo- I love to live vicariously. Well, no I don't.

Allan- I do my best whereever I do, Allan!

Chickybabe- Yuengling for me last night:)

Starboard Tack- Update posted!

Isabella Snow said...

I work in bars every weekend.. makes it hard to find somewhere to get out to that doesn't remind you of work..