Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Proof of life

The following IM conversation between NotCharlotte and I proves that I will scope a man pretty much anywhere:

notmiranda: Now at emergency room..sigh.
Notcharlotte: what happened?!?!
notmiranda: People look their worst at hospitals.
notmiranda: I hate the place.
notmiranda: Not sure how I ever thought I'd be a doctor.
Notcharlotte: oh i know... i think it's the lighting
notmiranda: How depressing.
notmiranda: Of course, cute doc just poked head out.
notmiranda: Maybe I should hang out here more often...for the men ;)
Notcharlotte: oh jeez
notmiranda: Think guy who keeps coming out is nurse. Boo.
Notcharlotte: awww
Notcharlotte: men nurses can be cute
notmiranda: Woman is scratching inside her pants.
notmiranda: I need a picture.
Notcharlotte: hahahah ewwww
Notcharlotte: yes you do!
notmiranda: Def ewwwwwwww.
notmiranda: She stopped.
notmiranda: Thankfully.
Notcharlotte: hahah good
notmiranda: Her man is kind of cute though.
notmiranda: I have to be the only person stalking men in the emergencyroom.
Notcharlotte: hahah well why not?
notmiranda: Seriously...a girl has to keep her eyes peeled.
Notcharlotte: very very true
Notcharlotte: you never know...
notmiranda: True. :)
notmiranda: Cop just made eyes at me. Wtf.
Notcharlotte: oh yeah??
Notcharlotte: is he hot?
notmiranda: Not really. I mean he was ok. Weird. He was with a friend going in.


NotCarrie said...

Why were you in the ER?

And I would scope out guys there, too:) Helloooo, doctors!

Jordan said...

I'd scope them out there too as long as they weren't on a stretcher.. :-) There are a few Dr. McDreamys running around ERs.

You must have been there with someone else (waiting), I can't imagine sending IM's when my appendix, gallbladder or kidneys are exploding. :)

NotMiranda said...

Definitely wasn't there for me. Had to drive flatmate. Have to say, in general, the pickin's were slim at this Grey's Anatomy.

Irish Red said...

Are you ok!?

i have to say, during my hospital stays, hitting on cute drs was a favorite past time.

Feel better!

Ryane said...

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that is hysterical. oK. Going to the ER is not hysterical, but your IM converation is very funny. I would keep my eyes open for guys in the hospital; a girl has got to keep her eyes open everywhere because you just never know!!

jo said...

what were you doing in the hospital in the first place? hope you're okay... unless you were that for the sole purpose of scoping out men who look like the cast of grey's anatomy haha!

NotCarrie said...

Were you there last night?

Karinaxoxo said...

Definately pick up doctors... not weird sick people though (I know thats mean!!!)
Ive seen some cute tradesmen in emergencies rooms - usually sans a finger or two!

Lindsey said...

that sounds like me and Cathy at the airport. We were scoping out every man that walked by.

Px said...

i don't like hospitals, they keep sticking things in me when ever i go :(
needles mainly
and i don't like them

linny, you and cathy were scoping out men everywhere you went!

greenlineboy said...

That's funny. I used to volunteer in the emergency room. I would go around and just talk to patients to make sure they were ok. I used to have women ask me out all the time. Once there was this woman in her mid 40's who gave me her number. I was quite embarrassed.

Johnny said...

I was a sex therapist in a previous life so you guys better call me.


NotCarrie said...


NotCharlotte said...

Yeah Johnny, give us your number!

Or better yet, let's have a group chat session ;-)

romance junkie said...
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