Saturday, May 06, 2006

To Hell in a Handbasket...

I think I'm done with the dating bit. Right now I can't get over the hangups I've got and I can't get me together enough to be happy or even interested in the guys I'm dating. So far there have been four.

NotAtAllAttractedTo: He was just physically unappealing, however, for the sake of looking deeper I accepted date number two, only he didn't bother to call for it and I had decided to call it off based on sound advice from NotMiranda and NotCharlotte.

NotClosetedHornyCatholic: Pious and a dom. Willing to go to confession and want to strip me naked in the same breath. Maybe I was the reason he needed to go to confession. I'll do ten Hail Mary's and not call him in the morning.

NotObsessedwithTennis: Great conversation, lots to talk about and two weeks later, "I'm not ready to be there for someone like the way its supposed to be". Scratch that, great conversation and an overwhelming sense of reading way too deep into a first date.

and finally,

NotRum: Able to start conversation without introducing himself first. Able to be funny and manage to hold my attention for large periods of time, but falling short *way short* in my height requirement department. And his most cardinal sin to date...being late after asking me to make time to see him today.

So at this end of this 2 months of venturing into the dating world via the online personal ad, all I can say is that while I did get a nibble or two I was overall very disappointed.

This jaunt was shot to hell in handbasket and I can't even begin to drum up the enthusiasm to try it again. Maybe being single is a better strategy.

So here's my dilemma, is it better to just date and hope that love happens along, or should I continue to look for it in what I'm coming to see are all the wrong places? A little advice everyone if you would.


NotCarrie said...

So he was obsessed with tennis? What's his number?

Well, a lot of people do meet keepers online but I think it's a different game than the non-electronic version of meeting people. It's skipping a lot of the interactions that would happen in person and jumping straight to the "are we compatible" point. I think a different mindset is necessary for online dating compared to real life dating.

As long as you aren't holed up in a room at home you always have the potential to meet someone good:)

NotCharlotte said...

Did you at least get to kiss NotRum some more?

tokyo_chic said...

As Samntha in Tokyo I don't stop seeking my ZA-ZA-ZO guy at ON LINE nor real life.
A big net can catch various type of FISH.
Need diversity!

lala said...
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Lillian said...

You were right to go into each one with an open mind--keep the "see what happens" mindset, because that's when the most fun happens. And remember, as with all us single girls looking for a guy we really want to be with (and who really wants to be with us): if it happens, great. But if not, we're still fabulous. Good luck!

jo said...

i think there comes a time in every single woman's life where after some attempts to put herself out there and date around only to get sorely disappointed, she starts to get the feeling that maybe she doesn't wanna try too hard anymore. i think that's all well and good as long as you're not turning into a recluse and not going out at all.