Monday, April 17, 2006

Your Name is NotFreak, right?

Last weekend began on Thursday for me. My jobbiejob give its employees Good Friday off, so I spent the day prepping for the marathon date weekend. This included the female ritual of hair and clothing that must be tampered with and purchased for the pretense of showing myself off to the fullest.

I was originally scheduled for 3 dates, one on Friday night, one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday evening. Things were starting to look up, I felt optimistic for the first time in two weeks about this whole dating bag and then...just as I was strolling along in pre-date bliss, I got smacked with the 2 by 4 of a reality check.

Date #1 that didn't happen was NotClosetedHornyCatholic: Nice guy. We had great conversation on the phone, the emails were a riot and as I had explained to NotCharlotte and NotMiranda the night before at our hangout of choice, the opportunity for making out with this one was high. So high in fact that I had forgone my usual predate engine starting and had cleaned my bathroom and swept the carpet in my bedroom, in preparedness for some carpet burns to be had the following night. But alas, it was not meant to be. 1 hour before the fun was to start my cell phone rang and it was NotCHC asking me if I had gotten his email.

*raised eyebrow*

No, I hadn't and why did I need to. I proceeded downstairs with him on the phone and opened up my email account to see that he had emailed me and in my ear he droned as I read the message that he felt lame for canceling on my because of how the previous date had gone with my 'poof'er. Basically, he's Catholic (no big deal), and since it was Good Friday, his mom had called him and reminded him that he needed to go to Mass that evening, which he had totally blanked on. Also, he felt quite the overwhelming need to strip me naked when he actually did get to meet me (his words not mine), that he also felt that a trip to the confessional was in order as well. So, in short, we wouldn't be going out tonight and he felt really bad about it.


So, that left me dateless and horny on a Friday night. SO, what did I do. Sit and sulk for about an hour and then headed out to meet NotMiranda and NotCharlotte for a very bad attempt made by yours truly into the forays of knitting. Can girlfriends help one forget about being horny and lack of, but they can keep me from dwelling on yet another bad date.

The really sad part about this date never happening is that I was turned on by the idea of the ripping off of clothing or at least some mild/wild groping...sad I know, but still a guy who wants me that much and this is just from phone conversations and emails. Of course he could have a hairy back and then where would I be....

The weekend took a slight dip after that. I cancelled again on the previous week's date and finally faced up to the fact that I didn't want to meet up with him because he set off little alarms in my head. *Yay for gut instinct!* To which proved to be right, when I got a literal "fuck you" email from him after I sent him a message begging off for the evening and letting him know I wasn't sure if I would reschedule.

However, Sunday's date, which I was very explicit about him calling to let me know that we were still on by at least 4pm, otherwise I wasn't going to show, was very surprising.

For one, he was ontime.
Second, he was very engaging.
Third, he was easy on the eyes.
Fourth, we managed to have a great conversation (with no dead air) for three hours.

This was what I had always expected when going out on a date. Someone I could talk to. Now if it wasn't for the fact that I kept getting his email mixed up with another guy I had been corresponding with via email...

The date ended with me letting him know that if he wanted to get together again, than he could call. And me having had some faith restored in the male species and the who notion I had about dating. In fact he capped it when not ten minutes after I had driven off he called me to let me know how much of a great time he had had.

Tearing off my clothes was not even necessary, this was peace of mind.


NotCharlotte said...

Well, at least your weekend ended well!

I was nervous for you, but I'm glad that it worked out!

I will want details, btw. and a full description of how "easy on the eyes" he is.

NotCarrie said...

So are you giving up on #1? His reason was a valid one, I think. I can see a religious man feeling guilty about getting it on on Good Friday.

NotSamantha said...

I'm not giving up on NotCHC, but he's got the ball now. I shot him an email to let me know when he wanted to get together, but so far nothing. I'm still game if he is.

NotMiranda said...

Jealous. Very sweet that he called so soon : )

jo said...

i'm glad that in the end, you had a nice sunday date.

i don't understand why NotCHC didn't just call you to tell you he couldn't make it instead of email? who on earth checks their email while preparing for a date?

NotCarrie said...

hahahha, NotMiranda and I would (check email, that is) but we both have crazy phones;)

Dolly said...

Woah, there's no need for a rude "fuck you" email! I can't believe how rude some people can be. Yikes. Good for your gut instincts!

NotSamantha said...

Yeah the "fuck you" email, wasn't even worth it. Its like he was a kid and stamped his foot because I didn't want to come and meet him...