Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Right Amount

I think I had my perfect number of drinks Saturday night. Enough so I had a little buzz going but not so many that I started telling secrets and coming onto my guy friends. I even avoided the dreaded drunk depression that I absolutely loathe yet tend to get when I have a fast drunk that wears off even faster. You know the kind: woe is me, I'm all alone, noone loves me. But I did SO well Saturday! And I had fun...

I met up with NotRebecca who was in town and we started off the night with drinks and gossip-one of my favorite activites! We discussed it all: mutual (ex)friends who somehow found significant others, the creepy old men at the bar who kept staring at us, what current friends are up to, etc. Then, NotMiranda, NotJason, NotRachel and her hubby joined up with us. I always get nervous bring newer friends to this bar since it's the one I've gone to since I turned 21 many years ago. I worry they won't have fun or that some ex-makeout buddy will come in and totally embarass me by bringing up the past. But nothing embarassing happened much to my relief. Had a good time. Not a great* time but a good time with friends. And it was refreshing because the group was a little different than normal which is always fun. Mix it up a little. It's nice to have a good time out, not spend TOO much money and to wake up without that feeling of "Oh shit, what did I do and why did I keep drinking?"

Here is to more nights out! (and soon!)

*Great would = kissing some hott guy


Spyder said...

"Oh shit, what did I do and why did I keep drinking?"

Is so much better than;
" Oh shit, what did I do and who the hell is this, oh crap this isnt even my bed, oh god where the hell am I. damn I remember being in Mexico but theres snow outside, oh hell I'm in Canada. "

not that I have ever said that, cause it's just an example.

jo said...

i'm glad you had a good nite... darn i missed going out 'coz i've been sick... bleah!

NotCarrie said...

Haha or, "Where is my underwear?"

But no really, it's nice to just have a fun evening out that doesn't result in regret. Not that I regret things;)

Anonymous said...

I had fun too! It was nice to be in town again.

Kellie said...

The right amount... it's like the holy grail.