Friday, April 21, 2006

I can't stand the rain...

But I'm about to meet up with the guy that I stood up because he didn't respond to my email when i told him where and when we could meet.

This was the most random and fun of starts to a date.

I was driving home from work, fully intending to rent movies, get chinese and sit in front of my tv, kvetching with myself about my work day, but instead, I'm on the highway and I get a phone call from NotRum, and he immediately starts a conversation with me, no ice breaker, no "hi this is...and I've been trying to meet up with you..." just a conversation...

And he's here so I'll update in a sec.

*several hours later*

Its seems to be raining short men for me right now.

Met NotRum in the person, right now he's the oldest of the guys that I've gone out on dates with. He's funny too, which is in his favor. And during our impromptu coffee date, which managed to last another three hours, I have to admit that I'm being surprised the the guys I'm getting.

Of the three dates that I've actually had, the guys are really well versed in the art of dating and conversation. Again no lags in fact this one was fun in that we surfed the net on my laptop and built a custom laptop on my favorite computer website I like this guy because he went toe to toe with me on my issues about living in NOVA, mainly the cost of living, the commuting, the usual gripes one would have living here.

I've also become aware of the fact that these guys aren't thrown off when they ask me what I look for in a guy physically and what I describe to them, isn't themselves at all. And in this case its the polar opposite. This date was a good way for me to get my feet wet again, and just like last Sunday's it gives me hope that there is a male population out there worth seeking out for dates.

Just to make sure I'm going to shake the online personal add tree one more time to see what falls out. And with my unbrella up, I'll be able to deflect any toxic/pathetic raindrops and let the truly well developed ones fall (for) me.


Vixen said...

Did I miss something or was rain supposed to be in here somewhere. Or it's raining men?

NotCharlotte said...

Be careful!

NotSamantha said... comes in part 2..