Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Love And Memerade (?)

From the lovely Barmaid who somehow knew I love a good survey:

My nickname: I don't think anyone has ever had a 'pet name' for me. Friends call me "Boo" but only because we all declared it was not a term of endearment. My mom calls me "Lovey", does that count? I hate when couples have pet names, but maybe I'm just jealous.

My hometown: I was born in Leesburg

My team: The Heteros. (ha)

My theme song:
A few spring to mind: "Closer"-Nine Inch Nails, "Everlong"- Foo Fighters, or maybe "Always" by Bon Jovi because I am unable to get over people and love them 'always'

My drinks: Champagne. or Gin and Tonics for the old man part of me.

My occupation: Heartbreaker

My spare time:
Lusting, Overanalyzing, Flirting, Not-Kissing (apparently), Drinking Champagne

My hiding spot: With guys who want to "just be friends"

My books: Damn you Sweet Valley High! I want to BE Jessica!

My [fake] heroes: Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner

My [real] heroes:
Carrie Bradshaw and my hair guy, NotGeorge.

My tags: NotCharlotte, NotSamantha, NotMiranda-Feel free to leave answers in the comments:)


TheBarmaid said...

NotCarrie -- A few things:

1. I'm jealous that I didn't come up with "Lusting" and "Overanalyzing" for Spare Time activities.

2. Sweet Valley High is this week's 'Full House'. Go.

My two favorites are:

#18 (Head Over Heels) when Bruce Patman falls in love with Regina Morrow and (horrors!) becomes a nice person, and the she leaves for Switzerland for those hearing treatments and he buys her that bracelet.

#40 (On The Edge) when Amy Sutton and Bruce get paired for that project and Amy (who is not Elizabeth's best friend like she was in the SVT series and has become rather devious in her adult teen years) tries to come between them. And then Regina catches them making out behind that tree at the Wakefield's party. And then she overdoses. And then she dies. (A PSA from SVH if I ever read one...)

Let's meet later at the Dairi Burger for a milkshake after work. I'll bring Winston.

jo said...

sweet valley high? oh man! i loved that series. in fact i moved on from sweet valley twins to sweet valley high by the time i was 12. maybe i should have turned out like jessica, but instead i turned out more like elizabeth's lesser known more prudish friend who didn't even make it to the books.

NotCarrie said...

I'm working on my favorites list but while I do that, did anyone else read Sweet Valley UNIVERSITY???!?!?! Dude, the twins grow up and things get crazy. I don't want to ruin it for those who didn't read the series but...there is S-E-X!

NotCharlotte said...

My nickname: Sunshine, Horny Vanilla

My hometown: Heidelberg, Germany

My team: The Black Rogue Bunnies

My theme song: There are so many! "Drive" by Incubus, "Love is an Arrow" by Aberfeldy, and "Under the Bridge" by RHCP

My drinks: Rum & Coke. Vanilla Vodka & Coke. Jeger Bombs.

My occupation: Maker-Funner of people.

My spare time: Flirting, Early Sifting (or whatever it's called), Over-thinker, Worrier.

My hiding spot: Gay Men.

My books: Chuck Palahnuik. Laurel K. Hamilton.

My [fake] heroes: Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gylenhaal.

My [real] heroes: My dad. Charlotte York. People who make good music.

My tags: Laurie, Jo, Coatman, and Larissa.

NotCarrie said...

Did you read the SVH Diaries? Those were my favorites. SO much went on, it was insane.

I love that Elizabeth wrote the gossip column. And Jessica was always trying to make money. And every single book you learned that Elizabeth was older by 4 minutes and more responsible and studious. And Jessica was a cheerleader and loved the boys. Aw, and Ned and Alice.

But really, SVU were the best. Mike McAllery and Louis...and then Enid changing her name to Alexandra and dating Todd!? LOVES IT!

middlegirl said...

i see we can claim the same 'hiding spot' - boys who want to be "just friends" and who magically get territorial when at the bar and a new boy comes up.

There's a fun game!

p.s. love SVH and SVU.

Larissa said...

great occupation! Gotta love the Pat Benatar homage ;-) and oh I've been tagged! I'll get crackin on it and have it up by lata tonight (post DC blogger happy hour madness) ;-)

TheBarmaid said...

I also loved the Super Specials.

My favorite was the Wakefields of Sweet Valley and how it told the story of Ned and Alice and the love of their ancestors through the ages. :)

NotCarrie said...

Aw, I loved that, too! The Wakefields are America's greatest family.

So who did you want to be: Elizabth or Jessica?

CoatMan said...

Um, what's a fake hero?

NotCarrie said...

I took it to mean someone I'd say pretty casually, "Oh my gosh, Jessica SImpson is my hero!" Yeah, I like her but she's not my HERO.

TheBarmaid said...

I added [fake] hero to the meme. I took it as someone I regard with considerable snark and mild contention. Someone who causes an immediate sneer reflex.

I think I was Elizabeth but always wanted to be Jessica. I kind of wanted to be Elizabeth in "The New Jessica". Best of both worlds.

NotCarrie said...

I loved Elizabeth's name but hated that her room was blue. Jessica was so passionate about everything, I loved that.

TheBarmaid said...

I totally forgot that her room was blue. What a great thing to remember! It must have been hard to be best friends with Lila Fowler, though. I mean, Enid -- now there's a good friend!

TinaPoPo said...

Barmaid just told me there's a pipin' hot SVH conversation going on in here.

The snob in me always hated Enid. She was so boring in annoying.

Now I realize we could have all used more Enids. And less Bruce Patmans. 1BRUCE1

NotCarrie said...

Yeah, I couldn't stand Enid in high school but we, I mean they, got to college and she turned into Alexandra, she was better. I liked Lila and it's so sweet when she and Bruce get together in college!

TheBarmaid said...

NC you are a true fan, I can't say I made it to the college years like I did with Saved By the Bell and 90210...

NotCarrie said...

Oh Zach Morris-I love you.