Wednesday, February 15, 2006


You know that scene in The Notebook when they kiss in the rain (details not given for those who haven't seen the movie)? Why is it that rain seems to make a moment so much more romantic and hott? I'm not sure why I started thinking about this earlier (ok, maybe it's because I'm in a kissing drought so my thoughts immediately go to water...) but the last time I kissed someone in the rain it didn't really add to the moment in a positive way. What is did add to was the frizz in my hair and my worry about running mascara. I mean, at the time I was secretly excited to be getting my "kiss in the rain" but now that I think about it, I might want to keep that one on my list.

What list?

Oh just a few things I always say I want to do: "christen" the back seat of my car, get married in Vegas, kiss in the rain, etc.

Maybe I should try combining all three. Too bad Vegas is in the desert, might be hard to time my shot-gun wedding with rain while my car waits to be "christened". And how can it be shot-gun when we'll have to drive there from DC?


jo said...

while kissing in the rain does sound sorta romantic, i always wonder what happens if you get a bad cold after? haha!

nongirlfriend said...

Depends upon the size of the shotgun, I would say.

Johnny said...

You're so bad.

And I like it.


CoatMan said...

Always carry an umbrella. Better safe than soggy.

NotCarrie said...

Jo- I think ideally you would do something after the rain to "warm up";)

nongf- Good thinking

Johnny- Glad you approve:)

Coatman- I usually have my umbrella in the backseat...Hmmm, I might have to change its location;)

annie said...

"Romantic" for me just gotta be unexpected. If I think of situations that would seem romantic, that's like a guarantee that it will never happen!

NotMiranda said...

Rain has always been at the top of my list. I've always held that I want to honeymoon somewhere it thunderstorms. Mmmmm.

NotCarrie said...

All I can think about, NotMirand, is how frizzy my hair would get;)

But I know why you want the rain...haha!