Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Autobiography Page 321

When I was in 6th grade, or so, I was at the skating rink (shut up) on a Friday night when my older brother's friend said, "NotCarrie, Will you go with me?" He was at least 5 years older and I was thoroughly confused and said, "Go where?"

"GO with me," he said.

"GO where?" I responded.

Then I realized what he meant and I was so embarassed I ran (skated) away and ignored them both for the rest of the night.


NotCarrie said...

I know! But I was tall and mature for my age. But I didn't realize what he was asking at first! What if I had said yess!!!?!?!?!?? He could have been my first boyfriend and I would have been the cool 6th grader.

Or he could have been joking and when I said "yes" he would have laughed and crushed my spirit.

NotMiranda said...

Wow...he was a little old to be pursuing a 6th grader!

NotCarrie said...

Oh weird! NotMiranda actually commented before I did.