Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Trampled Under Foot

It's hard to be creative when you're being forced to.
This semester is going to kill me, creatively, I can already tell. It's my own damn fault for taking so many writing courses. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...
Yesterday was the longest day, ever. I was up at 530, drove to my job (45 minutes away) until 12, then drove 30 minutes to campus for 3 hours of classes, then drove another 45 minutes to my OTHER job to work from 5 until midnight. Luckily, there were cute boys at my second job to keep my spirits up.
Isn't that crazy, how just seeing a cute face can make you want to hang out JUST a little bit longer?
I then started thinking about attractiveness levels and what makes me like certain boys. I then realized that I'm honestly a "first impression" type of girl. If guys aren't physically attractive to me, I won't want to "be with them."
That sounds shallow, but honestly it's the truth. Oddly enough, I seem to be attracted to men that are not only attractive to me, but have personality and sense of humor. It's just a matter of seeing if they're attracted to me as well.
I seem to attract the type of guys who aren't very intellectual, which is a problem for me, considering a. I love to talk about things that aren't boring and b. i consider myself very culturally aware.
How do I attract men... I guess that are like me? *sigh*
Also, for some reason I'm incredibly attracted to "shy guys." Much like NotMiranda though, I turn into a shy girl when I'm around guys like that and (obviously) nothing much happens because we're each too afraid to make the first move. I have one thing to say about this though:

That is all.


I-66 said...

I agree and disagree with different things here:

There's nothing shallow about valuing physical attraction. 99% of the time, the physical is what initially attracts you to someone. You can't see their personality, sense of humor, or anything by just looking at them at first. Sure, there are other things that are attractive about people, but the physical is most often first.

That aside, I must respectfully disagree with your (emphatic) assessment that it's the guy's "job" to make the first move. I am used to making the first move on account of the societal dating-related burden that comes with being a guy. I have no problem initiating personally, but that does not by any means make it my "job". While I may not have chosen NotMiranda's mode of operation for initiating contact with NotGraceful, she still initiated which is something I always respect. When a girl is forward enough to make the first move, instead of waiting around expecting the guy to, it's always unexpected - probably because of the supposition that it's the guy's "job". NotMiranda saw someone she wanted and went after him, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Do you mean, then, to suggest that if you really liked a guy and he didn't make a move, initiate something, that you'd just let it go and do nothing?

You don't get what you really want unless you ask.

NotCarrie said...

I wish it was the guy's job. But I know it's not.

NotCharlotte said...

I think that it's the guys job to ask me out because that's just the kind of guy I want. I'll "make the first move" by talking to him first, but in all reality, I want them to do the "asking out" part.

I want a guy with self confidence and a little bit of power/control. I don't want a wimpy little boy that beats around the bush and you have to basically beat it out of him that he likes you.

Take some initiative! Call me old fashioned if you will, but that's just how I feel.

NotCarrie said...

I guess that can make sense if you are looking for a particular type of guy. I then assume you wouldn't expect EVERY guy to make the first move then, right?

I-66 said...

NotCharlotte, saying you want a guy who makes the first move is a helluva lot different when compared with saying it's the guy's job. Because we (men) are conditioned that making the first move is the modus operandi does not mean that it's that or nothing else.

The fact of the matter is that there are women out there who aren't afraid to take initiative. Because you yourself may not be one doesn't mean all guys have to take the initiative for you.

NotCarrie said...


Now, the next question is: are you tending to go after those guys, NotCharlotte?

NotCharlotte said...

it's MY guys job to make the first move.

and btw, I am "going after" these types of guys.

don't mess with me, i've had a long, LONG week.

NotCarrie said...

I didn't mean anything by my question...it just got me thinking about different types of guys.