Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The shy show

My flirtation with NotGraceful has been fun; however, since the big reveal it seems I've moved from the confident to the shy flirt. Now that I've been exposed he seems to have taken the lead, slowly engaging me. I seem to barely be able to keep a meal down and simply blush and bat my brown and green-flecked eyes at him. What happens when two intensely shy people collide? Stay tuned. I will leave you with the thought that this shy girl is ready to meet a man who isn't afraid to pull her in a dark corner and remind her why God invented lips.


NotCharlotte said...

so THAT'S why you didn't attack the honey mustard last night... ;-)

NotCarrie said...

I have such a problem with that-the shyness comes pouring out around people I really like. I've gotten a lot better but it's a conscious effort.