Sunday, January 01, 2006

Modern World

So remember the fall through date I didn't go on a few weeks ago? Well, it happened this Friday. Sort of.

I invited the myspace guy, NotGuitar, on a group outing, to this new bowling alley called Lucky Strike Lanes, and get to know each other (and have my friends screen him...)
Turns out, the lanes were booked solid for the entire night so the group proceeded to grab tables and receive the worst service ever. I got a call from NotGuitar saying he was going to be late, so this gave me ample time to grow more and more nervous all the while trying to fend of NotHusband and his talk of where we should go on our one year anniversary. *sigh*
So finally he shows up and I'm put almost immediately at ease. He is not a 50 year old balding man with 5 kids and three wives, but a really nice, tall, cute, and relatively scruffy looking 23 year old male.
I was pleased.
We proceeded to talk and watch sumo wrestling on the big screen tvs.
It's kind of odd, but we had talked for almost a year before even thinking about meeting. I immediately felt comfortable around him. But is it wrong to say that I was nervous up until meeting him for fear that there would be no attraction?

I swear that lately (especially last night), I seem to attract the sort of men that I could get if I wanted, but really I didn't want. It's always been a one way street with me, especially as of late.

But I digress. There was attraction. On my end, at least. We kept "making eyes" at each other, which is a good sign, in my book.

I don't want to talk about him too much because honestly, I think that will jinx things.

So for now I will leave you with a few things:
1. He and I hugged as we parted to board separate trains. Hugs are good things.
2. He emailed me the day after saying we need to hang out again soon.
3. We've been iming each other like crazy for the past few hours, but I have yet to "see" if he enjoyed meeting me.

I'm horrible at judging things...


Marie said...

I think he likes you. Thanks for leaving the post on my blog, I didn't think anyone read it.

chelsea said...

Ooooh hugs to say goodbye are a good, good thing. And constant IMing? It says "Can't get you out of my head".