Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Grab His Ass"

Number of asses grabbed: 10+
Number of times my ass was grabbed: a handful
Number of kisses: 2.5
Number of people who threw up way too close to us: 1
Number of hours spent in car: 2(?)

I went into last night not excited, at all. I was tired and restless and worried about money but I had said I would go out and in the back of my mind I knew if I stayed home on NYE I would regret it later. And oooooh how I am glad I went out! NotMiranda, NotCharlotte, and I headed towards the city but because of unforeseen variables, we had to go to Plan B which turned out to be my favorite bar in the world. Nevermind that Plan B was in a city 50 miles away, ha! Anyway, we arrived just as the church bells were ringing in the New Year and we ran to the bar to begin our celebration. And who do we see in line to get in?

NOTTOWNIE!!!!!!! aka, sexiest guy I know. I felt like a total rockstar holding onto his arm walking in and the bouncer saying, "NotCarrie!" (It's nice to be recognized.) I had a great time introducing the Nots to my hott friends and I hope they enjoyed meeting them. NotTall, NotCrazy, and of course NotTownie and NotDreds.

I gave us all tasks, too. Everyone had to grab a stranger's ass and everyone HAD to talk to random men. I am so very proud to report that each of us completed our tasks. And if I were giving out grades I would give us all A+'s! I don't think that many asses have been grabbed in that bar since well...never!

I'm sorry this blog isn't more structured but I am exhausted from getting home at 5am and then working all day. But I won't end before I give you the good stuff, The Kisses!

#.5 NotJason on the cheek before we all headed out our separate ways
#1.5 NotDreds
#2.5 *drumroll please* NotTownie after giving him a ride home from the bar. Damn is he hott.

Thanks so much to NotC and NotM for a hella good night. And NotS, you were missed, Happy New Year to you and everyone else in Blog Land!



NotCharlotte said...

DAYUM! Yeah, last night was kick-ass. Great idea, NotCarrie :-)

NotSamantha said...

Grabbed some ass! Gave a little kiss! Got down last down last night!

NotCarrie said...

I love a night that results in a lot of good stories and inside jokes...we definitely had that kind of night.

I-66 said...

Happy new year, Ladies. I'm glad to see you had a good time.

NotSamantha said...

Good on you ladies. Sorry I wasn't there to join in the revelry. Maybe next year.

Marissa said...

A fabulous New Year! Happy, healthy 2006!

Larissa said...

brilliant! glad you had fun!

NotCarrie said...

Thanks, i-66, Marissa, and Larissa! Happy New Year to you all!

Cheryl said...

Happy New Year!

dasi said...

Hey NotCarrie! Sorry it took me so long to read/comment... sounds like you had a blast!! I wish I still had the energy to do things like that - although SOMETIMES I do, I guess I need to have "real" friends who are as outgoing as my cyberpals!! Happy New Year!!

NotCarrie said...

Hahha, me not being tired is rare...very rare. I was hurting the next day at work.