Friday, January 20, 2006

History Of Cupid

I’ve never really had a Valentine. But also, I’ve never really minded as I usually find the day to be so forced and cheesy. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for romance and love and affection, I definitely do (about 23 hours of the day). Even this year I will be okay if I don’t have a “Valentine”, but won’t deny a little part of me wishes for a secret admirer or for some advancement with someone else.

When I younger I gave out Valentines but was too shy to ever give one of the more suggestive cards to a boy I liked. The “suggestive” cards being those that had hearts on them or didn’t explicitly say FRIENDS. Ha!

In high school I would get so annoyed at my friends for being into the day that I refused to care. I just found it ridiculous for a 16 year old to be going to a fancy restaurant to celebrate V Day.

My last two years of college were spent with friends on the “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club” night out. We weren’t lonely but I’m a big Beatles fan so the name came easily and stuck. We went out on the town, looking hott of course, and reminded anyone who WAS lonely that Valentine’s Day is a crock of crap if you want it to be!

Last year was actually my first taste of a real Valentine’s Day but ended up being very unorthodox. First, I had NotRoger asking to be my Valentine and me being a bitch and avoiding the subject. See, this was the beginning of the end with him since I decided I had eyes for someone else. I ended up going out that night on a sort of double date with NotCharlotte and our two ‘winners’ in the First Annual Be My Valentine Contest. It was a good night but after the fact turned out to be more complicated than we had ever imagined. More on that another time...

Now, go apply for this years!

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NotMiranda said...

Complicated doesn't even begin to describe it!