Thursday, January 12, 2006

Come Together

So I was catching up on my blogs, since I've been sick (today's my last day at home though, thank goodness. I need friend time-stat!) and I saw a short, but sweet note from one of the girls I went to high school with, NotGlasses.
She was always the odd duck, she was That Girl who dressed up as Darth Vader for the new Star Wars movies, That Girl who moved to Alaska to become a TV Journalist. I love it, she's got the most amazing self confidence and sense of self. Except when it comes to men. Lately, she's been having a lot of trouble with men, they love her and leave her and as I read her entries, my heart goes out to her.
Until today. She has discovered that one of her friends from SIX YEARS AGO has held amorous feelings for her. They have recently started conversing and have decided to give it a go, long-distance style.
I think this is absolutely wonderful! How neat would it be to have someone from your past, from 6 years ago, resurface and declare their love for you?
Do any of you have past flames/friends/acquaintances that you still hold feelings for? I know I do. If given the chance, would you tell them your true feelings toward them?


Larissa said...

oh i do definitely. we've been friends for seven years -- but lately there's a little pull between us . it's something i'm thinking about talking to him about. whew!

NotCharlotte said...

Good luck!! Make sure to let us know what happens!

NotCarrie said...

6 years ago would be junior year of college and oh my gosh yes do I have someone I'd love to have a love connection with. I could probably admit now that I had the Crush to end all crushes on him but am content now to just keep in touch (he's far, far away now.)

NotMiranda said...

I do, too. I keep forgetting what Not name I have him, but my first love still lives in a tiny corner of my heart. About three years ago I wrote him a long note about the way things ended and how our relationship forever affected me. I thanked him for us ending and for who I was becoming as a result. However, I ended the note by telling him that he still held a piece of my heart and that I would most always have feelings for him. A few months later I found out he had just gotten married.

NotCarrie said...

Oh man...ouch:( Guess that's one of those situations where you have to force yourself to believe it's "meant to be" or something.