Saturday, January 07, 2006

And You Just Don't Get It

Okay so it is a given that some people just do not get it, whether by conscious or subconscious choice. The ones who don't put two and two together that watching a movie in the dark, while on the couch drinking alcohol should be an indication of intentions. The few who don't realize that me being near them a majority of the time is no accident. It is someone who doesn't get it that arms normally do not touch that much on a platonic night out.

So earlier tonight I had a thought about people like this and whether or not they ever "get it" so I've decided to test them. Why not push the envelope every once and awhile to see if they are, in fact, able to put the clues together. Touch their arm a little more during conversation, give them (more) sex eyes, bring out the really good (and suggestive) flirting. I'll report back in if anything comes of this but don't hold your breath. I think some of my victims are the professional atheletes of "not getting it."

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Fraud and Robbery said...

NotCarrie, I love the website. Will visit at frequent intervals.-Ryan, Fraud and Robbery.