Saturday, December 24, 2005


NotJay royally pissed me off. On Christmas Eve, no less. I sent him an im to wish him a merry christmas and then all of a sudden he asked if i was dead set on his place for new years.


so after a VERY short conversation he basically tells me that his "real new years crew" is getting together in Philly so he has to cancel the party.

That bastard.

So now NotMiranda and I are plotting a way for us to meet men and get fantastic New Years kisses. Are the other Nots up for this?


MERRY CHRISTMAS all of you lovely people that read this blog. I think i speak for all the Nots when i say we really appreciate your reading/commenting on our life stories.

And to the Nots, I really appreciate your friendship. I don't think i've gotten this close with girls without hanging out with them constantly. It's the best of both worlds!, you all gave me fantastic christmas presents ;-)


NotCarrie said...

Bastard is right! What an ass!

I-66 said...

a belated Merry Christmas, ladies... thanks for sharing with us.

NotCarrie said...

Aw, thanks! To you, too!

NotCharlotte said...

Yes, thanks I-66, you too!

Marissa said...

Ew what a total bastard!!!! Who needs him, right?! And I'm so glad you and your Nots have found such wonderful friendships. It's amazing how the blogosphere can bring people who aren't physically close, so close. :)
Happy Holidays!!

Sub Girl said...

what a punk!