Saturday, December 24, 2005

Is Love Ever Enough...?

There is a reason I don't have a steady relationship and after listing to my friend NotStreetcarDesire I know why.

She's what I would call, Little Miss "I've had my shit together since I was an embryo", she's an up front go getter of a person and while she can be abrasive at times, she's one of my best friends. And I love her like a sister. Though at times I also want to strangle her like a sister. However, recently, as in the past few years she's been in a relationship with NotYoungEnough, who is mentally mature for her (sometimes almost too mature), but almost so set in his ways that he can't see doing anything different.

She's been living overseas and doing the whole live in girlfriend thing, but its in a country where she doesn't speak the language and long term doesn't plan to be there to need it so she doesn't see the point in learning it as NotYoungEnough constantly suggests.

Among other things she's persuing her writing career, but last night she starts talking about how unhappy she is living overseas and how NotYoungEnough isn't ready to think about moving to the States because of a business deal that he's been involved in for the past few years and its just starting to look like its going to pay out. To which I ask her what she wants...and she's not sure, but overall she poses the question: Is Love Ever Enough...? Now, at risk of sounding so unlike myself, I have to realize that I do believe that love is enough. But what happens if situations like NotStreetcarDesire's occur in which you love someone, but the circumstances around it aren't right. Do you give up and do what's best for you? Do you hope that in the end things are going to turn out right and "love conquers all"? She looked to me for answers to this. Me, the last person I think has the right to tell anyone how to live their life. Especially considering the stuff I get into.

Half the time I feel like I'm spinning down a slippery slope into nothing.

But enough about me.

This thing called love; a four letter word that means everything and nothing at all to people. It seems like more and more people are trying to figure it out. To me I see it more like the lottery. The chances of winning at it are a little better, but if you don't open yourself up to it then you can't win at it. In the same breath I'm also going to say, that if you open yourself up to the good parts about it you also have to deal with the bad parts about it. The heartbreak part.

So, I've been posed with the question, is love ever enough..and the only answer I have right now is, I don't know, but I would hope it is.


Tommy the Cork said...

I will pontificate on this if you like. No, love is not enough. I think love is a great sign post along the way. It helps build a strong foundation for your life, but, all too often, it provides the backdrop for your journey from fantasy to reality. This often means pain and retrenchment of your belief system. What is enough? In my mind and in my experience, the one thing that is enough to make you feel complete is living with honor. If you can build a life in which you refuse to give in to greed and corruption, if you can find happiness with honor and not with have made it. Love can be important to set you on this path, but it will not get you to the promised land.

NotSamantha said...

Now that's intersting. "Liveing with honor"...I like that. One of the things I'm constantly questioning is the love factor in my relationships. Do I love this person enough for this or do I love something enough for that. Living with honor seems a much more simplistic way of living, but totally satisfying to. Sort of like a ten commandments of myself....

NotMiranda said...

I, too, hold starry eye dreams of love being enough. However, I admire your noble post, T.