Sunday, November 06, 2005

thirty, flirty & thriving

I woke up today to face the world as a 30 year old woman. If I'm being honest, I've actually spent the last week dealing with and celebrating that fact.

- I have drunk a bottle of wine while taking a relaxing bubble bath.
- I have confessed affection to man I've had a crush on for a while (cowboy).
- I managed to kiss at least 4 of the 30 guys on my Project 30 Kisses for 30 Years (might have to prolong it into a month-long goal).
- NotSamantha bought me a vibrator shaped like a rubber duck.
- I have had Bottoms Up pizza and been show the fun areas of Richmond.
- I have danced my way into my 30s.

1 comment:

Tanisha said...

A vibrator shaped like a rubber duck? that's classic. ha