Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sleep Tight

I have to be up in roughly four hours to get ready for work. Why am I not asleep?

Because going to sleep involves turning the music off, disconnecting from the internet, getting in my bed, and clearing my head in order to drift off to sleep. Can I clear my head, though? Not at all.

When I was in college I started my kick of photographing everything that happened. I didn't even have a camera at the time, so I borrowed my moms and started taking it everywhere. I have a shelf full of photo albums from that year in college. One time my friend was looking through one and after a few pages set it down and said, "Gosh, NotCarrie, get enough pictures of him?" Him was my huge crush of college and my friend was right, every other picture had him in it. It was indicative of who I spent the most time with and who I wanted to document as being a part of my life.

Earlier I was looking at pictures of myself on someone's elses online photo album. I am not trying to make some grand connection here, but NotMiranda was right, he should have a folder of just me.



NotMiranda said...


NotCarrie said...

Wait, interesting how? what?

NotMiranda said...

Just an interesting story you told : ) I also agree about the need for a separate folder. Lol.