Saturday, October 29, 2005

NotSkippy you can kiss my lily (okay its not lily) white (okay...its not white) ass!

I wish to indulge in something I try to not do a lot of...passive agressive posting. Because right now I feel the need to vent and this is the venue in which I choose to do it...its either this or put my car through a certain Not character's window.

NotSkippy, oh ye of the issues with women, the issues with me, the self-deprecating way in which you chose to suffer with Boobzilla instead of making me feel good about you having moved on to at least something comparable to me, can kiss my ass.

Oh ye of the, not comfortable with being with me, but not being able to tell me until it gets to a head, despite me having told you at the outset of this thing to let me know so I could reign my shit in, can kiss my ass!

Oh ye of the, not being able to get over the fact that this is 2005 not 1805 or 1905 for that matter and you are your own person, can kiss my entire ass!

Oh ye of the, I don't want to do the right thing because then everyone will be angry with me...*you can't see it but I just flipped off the computer*

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

I wore a pink wig to a party and man did I look hot!

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NotCharlotte said...

EFF HIM!!!!!!!