Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...And Nothing To Wear

An outfit can make or break a day. Whether it be too tight jeans, a sweater that itches or shoes that pinch in all the wrong places an outfit can ruin a day. On the flip side- a favorite pair of jeans that accentuate what you want and hides what you wish you didn't have, the sweater that brings out the yellow specks in your eyes and the scarf that provides the comfort you sometimes need can make an ordinary day that much better.

I am a clothes whore. There, I said it. I AM! I read fashion magazines religiously and even tear out the pages of things I want. JCrew is like the Bible to me and I highlight itto reflect my wishlist the day it comes in the mail. I can't say no to a sale and can think of a million reasons why "I need this now." My problem lies in the fact that I often have nothing to wear. I have an overflowing closet of some things I have never worn and many things I rarely wear. I can't stop going towards my "comfort clothes." It's not that I don't like my comfort clothes or that they could only be described as "blah" it's just that often I get to my destination and wish I had tried something new, put on something else.

I want to change this. I want to start and end each day feeling awesome and wearing something hott. I don't want to ever say, "No, I can't hang out because I wore my laundry day jeans to work." I don't want to think, "I hope I don't run into him because my shirt makes me look washed out like I am sick."

The clothes don't make the woman, we know that. But for me, the clothes can really help turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! And with the extraordinary comes excitement and I never turn down excitement.

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NotMiranda said...

Clothes do affect you mood, and I, too,have often wanted to really nail down my personal style. I just don't have the energy or patience to do so. Sure would make getting dressed easier : )