Thursday, September 08, 2005


Out of Sight, Out of Mind???


Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder....



NotCharlotte said...

Both suck.

I think the latter only works if you're in a long-distance relationship.
Otherwise, what if you're growing fonder and they're growing fond of someone that's right in their sight?

I shouldn't be discussing this right now as I'm not in a correct state of relationship-mindedness.

NotSamantha said...

I'm a big believer in the you don't see it it doesn't exist way of thinking. Especially when its something you want but can't/shouldn't/don't want to have.

Norton said...

I think being without something you usual have, or at least usually know you can get your hands on, makes you want "it" even more.

But what do I know?

NotMiranda said...

I'm usually a combination of both. At first, I'm all about "absence makes the heart grow fonder". In fact, (and I hate to admit this) sometimes I really dig the guys that are harder to get. However, after awhile my attitude triumphs, and I push the person right out of my mind. If you can't make time for me (even virtually), then get to steppin'.