Sunday, August 28, 2005

What's on your dating resume?


Undercover Celebrity had the audacity to post a dating resume, and I was intrigued. What would be on my dating resume? For the uninitiated, a dating resume is much like a traditional resume...a list of my selling points, my assets. Much like a "real" resume, it shouldn't be a chronological list of where I've been or who I've been with. I like this exercise. What a great way to think about my positives and start thinking of how to better present myself. So, here's start to my resume...

*Adventurous - I'm always up for new experiences and love spontaneity. I almost always (note emphasis on almost) willing to try anything once.
*Humorous - I'm usually good for at least a few laughs and love to laugh in return!
*I prefer to shop alone - Think of all of the shopping trips I won't drag you on.
*Kissing - I'm a pretty damned good kisser but am always willing to practice.

That's a start. Once I really get going, I may just have to print some of these out (scented paper, of course). Ha!


NotCarrie said...

I can't wait to make mine!

Larissa said...

too funny we thought the same thing!