Sunday, August 28, 2005

Catch me if you can...!

Well, we're newly designed and still as feisty! Maybe I shouldn't use that word. Makes me feel like my grandmother. But still we're back and looking good, not that we ever looked bad.

Update, things are starting to feel better pulled together this week. Spent Friday night with NotCharlotte talking about the things that NotSkippy had problems with and the fact that he just didn't get it.

We also discussed the opposite sex and pursuit. For me I have to wonder is it wrong if I want the guy to pursue me. I'm tired of having to make the first move.

Which brings back memories of NotMiranda's post on wanting a "MAN" not a guy or a boy, but a man. Will all the real MEN please stand up and be counted because your boy personas aren't doing it for me anymore. I feel I've reached a certain age where I can make demands and this is one of the. I demand a MAN pursue me with as much vigor as I pursued NotSkippy with.


NotMiranda said...

Amen, sister. Bring on the men!

R.C. said...

Hi, just surfed over from Ginger's blog...

Love the look, and yes I am in perpetual mourning even though SATC wrapped over a year ago. *sigh*

To quote a famous joke and punchline on the 'real man' syndrome...

Q: Why are there no good-looking, successful, sensitive REAL men out there to date?

A: Because all the good-looking, successful, sensitive REAL men out there already have boyfriends.

I'm tired of whiney little boys, too. GAhhhhh!