Saturday, December 04, 2010


I have an unflushable.

Don't know what an unflushable is? Well get thee to the first episode of the British sitcom “Coupling.” Basically, an unflushable is a relationship where you try to get out of it, but the other person refuses to be broken up with. With NotAFreak, I have tried three times to break up with him. I've sort of succeeded once, but I went to give back his things and in the process ended up back together with him.

No one is more confused than I about this.


NotCarrie said...

Start dating other guys...he'll get the picture.

Erase his phone number from your phone.

Roxy said...

I tried to break up with my ex and he made me stay with him until I actually moved away.

Just take full advantage of the situation.

Liza said...

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