Friday, November 05, 2010


Can a person know they're in a torrid love affair while it's happening? Or is that the type of thing you know only after the fact?


emily said...

I feel like the very definition of "torrid" indicates that you have to be feeling it at the time. You don't figure out after the fact that something was passionate-- if you didn't feel it as it was unfolding, it wasn't there.

NotMiranda said...

Man, I sure hope to know while it's going on.

NotCarrie said...

I think torrid was the wrong word. I can't think of the correct one, but I know what you mean Emily....and I'm thinking of something else.

Kind of like a tragic love affair, but not one ending in death or something. Like take for example the movies Shakespeare In Love and Dear John: while they were falling in love, did they realize it would be something they'd look back on and think, "wow" or did they just live it and later reflect and realize its significance.