Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kill, Marry, Fuck- The Election Version

The rules are simple. You pick one to KILL. One to MARRY. And one to FUCK.

Joe Biden

Barack Obama

John McCain

and if you're into chicks:

Sarah Palin

Michelle Obama

Cindy McCain



Ashburnite said...

Very easy- kill McCain, Marry Biden, Fuck Obama :-)

(not into chicks, but can I say kill for Palin anyways?)

SaneAndSingle said...

I'm with ashburnite...
Kill McCain
Marry Biden
Fuck Obama

NotCarrie said...

I would cheat and have Tony Blair pinch hit for McCain and marry him. I'd eff Biden and kill Obama.

If I batted for the other side (which I don't), I'd marry Cindy McCain bc she's rich, eff Palin (yabbo) and kill Michelle Obama bc she'd always appear disapproving anyway.

NotLexi said...

Marry McCain, Fuck Obama, Kill Biden.
really, Obama and Biden are interchangeable, but while I may not be all about his VP choices, I'd say yes to a peice of McCain.

Johnny DC said...

Palin all the way.

Sure she's a nut but VPILF!!!


So there, to all the crazy womin in the world -- you still got a chance!!

manpret kapor said...

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