Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two And A Half Hours Of Sex (And The City)

I finally saw the Sex And The City movie last night. The others saw it on opening night or something, but I was not into the idea of paying too much to see it at midnight in a crowded audience. I'm a fan of matinees months after a movie came out where we're the only ones in the theatre. But enough about when I didn't see it! Here are my thoughts (Oh, and if there's actually another person who hasn't seen it yet, there are spoilers ahead, I guess):

  • It was definitely long, but I didn't feel like it was too drawn out.
  • If anything, I would have cut out more of the Samantha parts-she tends to annoy me. It was good to finally see a wang in a movie that wasn't on Kevin Bacon. Especially after all the breasts.
  • Speaking of...the Mirana sex scene was crazy! Whoa! Had she ever done one like that in the show?
  • I love Steve.
  • The fashion was definitely fun. My favorites were the couture wedding dresses, of course.
  • The best scene (acting wise) was when Charlotte yells at Big after he doesn't show up at the wedding. And when Carrie yells, "Get me out of here!" It was very "Sandra Oh".
  • I was going to turn the movie off if Steve didn't show up on the bridge. I'm still not happy that Samantha and Smith broke up-that's bullshit.
  • Lily was super cute, but also a big trouble maker with that phone!
  • Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's assistant didn't bother me as much as I expected her to. She was worst when she came off as kind of stupid and with no depth. She kind of oscillated between okay and stupid.
  • I want Charlotte's apartment. Or Carrie's new one!
  • Did they ever mention or show Carrie's parents during the show?
  • So now they're saying they might have a second movie? What will the plot be for that, though?
  • Miranda is so pretty when she has a lot of eye makeup on! (Not that she does not usually.)
  • I loved the Valentine's Day scene with the balloons, haha!
  • Carrie is a freak petite. This was obvious when Big proposed and was almost her height when on bended knee. I am glad I'm tall.
  • I was glad Charlotte got some real scene instead of her usual stuff (like when she was in the shower in's just so...fake.)
  • Samantha is my least favorite because every word she speaks sounds like she's doing voiceover for a p0rno.
  • Carrie looked super hott as a brunette! Darker is better, my friends.
  • That is all.


michelle said...

i agree about kristin davis's scene where she went off on Big not showing. I teared up!

I was also not happy about Smith and Sam's breakup.

topic for 2nd movie - carrie has a kid!

SaneAndSingle said...

So many scenes in this movie brought a tear to my eye. The part where she calls Big and drops the phone started a storm of tears down my face. Samantha feeding Carrie also got to me. Everything about Steve and Miranda got me. Some parts were so real, while others not so much.

I agree that Miranda has become the most beautiful. She was so sophisticated looking in the movie. Her wardrobe was beautiful. I didn't care for it in the TV series.

manpret kapor said...

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