Saturday, December 29, 2007


It's not like I haven't been writing because of lack of material. Quite the opposite, really. Life has been pretty busy lately. I find myself living out of my car and other people's houses. I'm not complaining, though. Well, until I find myself with a night and nothing to do and then I don't know how to handle myself, haha. I think most people go through phases where they want to do a lot and be around people and then conversely go through a phase where they want a lot of alone time. Right now I want to be around everyone and do everything. So...that's what I've been doing-everything.



PrincessPolly said...

Yeah I'm like that. at the moment i'm at the not-wanting-to-do-anything part of the cycle. Soon I'll be busy again. I hope.

Johnny DC said...

Busy swapping spit with Abercombie models?

Inquiring minds want 2 know.


New York City Diary said...

It's hard to blog when you're living in cars.
But thank god for blackberries!

HonestChitChat said...

Weird. I have felt this way too. I think it's all a marketing campaign got stuck in my head really. Think about how much we purchase out of fear ya know? Most people go on diets cause they fear they won't be loved unless their thinner. I find myself having to stay in check and say, "Why do I want this." Am I just keeping up or do I really want this? The weird thing about getting older is I realize how dumb I used to be. It makes me laugh at the past, but also makes me appreciate the now. What I have learned. Live it up lady and have fun tonight!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

This scenario is very familiar to me.

Jae&Rae said...

Just found this blog and it's really cute. Don't feel bad, my cousin and I just started a blog and I have to browbeat her to write something. The effort ahs paid off and we now have 2 whole posts, lol.

I wish blogger had a way to save favorites so I can save your site..let me know if they do...?

Casanova said...

Hey notSex crew...i dig the blog and it's always nice to see the world through the eyes of single women in nyc.

i have my own blog, tho it is dirtier, ruder but still funny. if you ever want to see the dating world in nyc through the eyes of single guys, take a look.

veda said...

Nice blog! Made me remember that I miss the show.