Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bubble World

I am taking a class where my teacher often tells us to enter her "Bubble World", where things go how she needs them to and what we're learning can be easily applied. It's easy for me to go to Bubble World since I am pretty sure it is next door to Daydream World, where I spend much of my time.

Bubble World is where things go just how they should, no one is tired, no one is in a bad mood, and things go according to plan. Since I know Bubble World would get boring if a constant thing, I would instead like to have a button to push where, when things get kind of crappy, I can leave reality and be in Bubble World.

Scenario 1:

My boyfriend and I get in a fight where unkind words are said.


Boyfriend shows up holding boombox above head playing a song he knows will mean something. (and no, not "In Your Eyes".)

Scenario 2:

I go out while on vacation and meet the guy of my dreams, but realize I am leaving the next day.


Amazing guy tells me he just got transfered to DC and needs someone to show him the city.

Scenario 3:

Am having wonderful evening with guy and realize I have to get up early the next day.


Time stops. Also, there are stars. And it's chilly. Bubble World is awesome.


CarmenSinCity said...

Yes, bubble world sounds GREAT!

Roxy said...

I love Say Anything.

Valley Girl said...

I need to join this class. What are you taking?

Blue Soup said...

Oh, I want a bubble world too.

Scenario 1
Boss is snorting. Again.

Push bubble button
He shuts the hell up

Streon said...

Bubble World is my favorite!

trueborn said...

I've had those moments but they usually involved drugs or alcohol.