Friday, May 18, 2007

Cheer It On

I know we've been lacking in posts lately. I'd like to take much of the blame.
Yesterday, I graduated from NotHarvard. I have therefore deemed last Tuesday through this Sunday as my "Tribute to Alcoholism."
So far, so good. Tuesday night was a party at NotVeryMature's, wherein I got pretty drunk and went to work on 3 hours of sleep and a slight hangover. Wednesday night was Mexican food and margaritas, last night was NotCheers, three drinks, and bumming cigarettes off of tablefulls of cute guys. Tonight is a party being hosted by NotSamantha. I think this will be the culmination of all past nights and future jaunts into the world of drinking/flirting/making out with random guys. Tomorrow night we're headed to NotQuiteRichmond for cheap drinks and unique atmosphere. Past trips to this place have provided many a NotPost, so keep your fingers crossed.

So there's my excuse. If you're lucky, we'll all have something good to contribute come Sunday... after the Motrin kicks in.


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Congratulations on graduating. You deserve to be an alcoholic for at least a week or two :)