Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bar Tabs

Going to bars where one knows the bartender usually results in some hooking up, whether with extra strong drinks or cheaper tabs. Well, when I got my tab for $23 after almost four hours of drinking, I was beyond ecstatic for the hooking up that had ensued. Fast forward to the next day when NotGraceful and I realized that our tabs had gotten switched and he had unknowingly paid not only for a few of my drinks, but for the two I bought for him. Ooops! I was pretty d-runk, though, so it's okay.

Man, Friday was so much fun that we're still talking about it! The other day my one guy friend texted me, "Sorry we couldn't makeout. That's always the highlight of seeing you" (he has a girlfriend now) and then my other guy friend texted, "When are we partying again?" (hottest guy ever.)

Anyway, so continuing from some of what NotMiranda wrote about, here is what I was up to Friday night at the same bar. She is right about my random conversation about bra-size, but what she forgot to mention was my even more random conversation with NotShorty about numbers of orgasms and when a guy has done enough and can be selfish. I am not sure where this came from (Oh wait, maybe the shooter, jack and coke and jeger bomb.)

Once back at my house, where the others had a restroom pit stop, I did indeed lay down in my yard and order NotGraceful to steamroll me. I know what you're thinking- in your front yard?! It was the middle of the night, though, and I'm a slut, I guess. Because when I want to get steamrolled, I get it. NotGraceful must have been new to the act, though, because his skills were a bit awkward and I kept yelling out, "NotBear does it better!" and "Call NotBear! Get him over here!"

Oh, maybe you're wondering what steamrolling is. Well, any number of people lay down on their backs and take their pants off. No wait, kidding about the pants part. Pants stay on! Then one person (the steamroller) proceeds to roll across the people on the ground just like a steamroller would. It's a lot of fun. I promise. NotGraceful needs to work on it, though. He got an "A" for effort, but his execution was a "B-" at best.

I, unfortunately, wasn't there for the events that followed with NotCharlotte, NotMiranda, and NotGraceful as I was home asleep...or drunk emailing/texting/ my night ended with me asleep in my bed still wearing my jeans. I'll let one of the others continue their part of the story.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

WHat a fun night! There's a few psople I'd like to steamroll.....

NotCarrie said...

Haha yeah, There are a few people I'd like to "steamroll".

jo said...

this weekend i shall go round asking people to steamroll me haha!

Isabella Snow said...

"Sorry we couldn't makeout. That's always the highlight of seeing you"

LMAO! Classic!

Harleyblue said...

Sounds like a great night. That's my kind of Friday night.