Monday, February 12, 2007

A gentleman's game

Friday night was indeed date night seeing as I went on the date I won in the charity auction. Mine was kind of like cheating since it was with NotBeast, and it's not like we don't hang out or have a history already established. I didn't have to worry about butterflies or what he'd think of me when he finally saw me. Even deciding what to wear wasn't stressful, since he has probably seen me at my worst at some point. The only thing that had me a little worried was the fact that we can both be on the quiet side, and I would have really felt bad staring at him all through dinner. Our date, which consisted of Vietnamese food and Pan's Labyrinth, can be summed up by saying that he's a really sweet, thoughtful date. When I had to excuse myself during the movie, he made sure to ask if I was ok when I returned and then quickly caught me up on what I had missed. On dropping me off, he made sure to get out of the car and send me away with an amazing hug*.

Throughout the evening I was overcome with guilt because my mind kept wandering to my plans for Saturday night and the new person I was to be meeting. Whereas getting ready to go out with NotBeast was a nonissue in regard to nerves, preparing myself mentally to meet this new guy was the complete opposite. We had been engaging in this intense flirtation for the past several days and were finally going to meet. I started to get really nervous pretty early on Saturday, so I decided I needed a drink before heading out to calm my nerves. The upshot is that I had enough to drink that I'm not sure I could easily pick him out of a lineup if I saw him again. I'm probably being a bit overly dramatic. I'm sure I could spot him in a crowded room, but I was pretty drunk and don't recall the finer details of some of our conversation that night. He, too, turned out to be a true gentleman because when I pretty much offered myself up for the sacrificing, he refused and told me I was way too drunk. Lest I not take every opportunity to make an ass of myself, I made sure to send a snarky message on my way home. Really, people, keep me away from the alcohol when I'm nervous. I think just sucking it up and being nervous would be preferable.

Hopefully I get a second chance to make a better impression.

*I tried to get you ladies to bid on those arms!


Carrie M said...

dammit. i was going to bid but by the time i realized what time it was (was at a bday party) it was after midnight. the arms did not escape notice. glad someone enjoyed them! :-)

Churlita said...

Yeah, I can't drink too much when I'm nervous either, because it makes my nervousness very, very loud. Obnoxious, is how some people like to decribe it. I prefer to think of myself as uninhibitied.

Px said...

sounds liek you had a good night the first time
the second least he was a gentleman, that's a good thing, definately a good thing!
next time don't drink too much. i've been known to get nervous before a first date, but i usually can't drink because i tend to drive most places...hence why i got caught doing 110mph on the way to one date

NotCarrie said...

I'm ready to dance again!

Harleyblue said...

I was told just last night that I shouldn't drink anymore. I tend to do things and not remember them ever again. We were recalling stories and most of them ended with me saying "I did that? When?" I get out of control.