Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Always Listen To Your Barmaid

Barmaid tagged the Nots for this one and I am never one to ignore a tag. Plus, I still can't stop thinking about hott guys with accents so it's probably best to do something else for awhile. Not that Lost is helping AT ALL. Jack is so hott. I would like to have fun with him*.

Three Things That Scare Me
1. When people throw cigarette butts out their car windows. I flinch every time.
2. Having sex that leaves me with something I do not want, be it an embryo or an std. (Note: This isn't something that has happened. It's just a fear.)
3. When new baristas make my coffee.

Three Inevitabilities That Terrify Me To My Core
1. Losing someone I'm close to.
2. Having my metabolism slooowwwww waayyyy ddooowwwnnnnnnn.
3. Having to choose between two things.

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1. My sister. She knows just what to say to make me laugh uncontrollably...and usually when it's inappropriate, like during the Christmas Eve service or something.
2. Bob Saget
3. NotDarling. Especially now that he knows more of my laugh buttons, too.

Three People Who Make Me Feel Like Everything Will Turn Out OK in the End
1. My mom
2. My dad
3. Brad Pitt

Three Things I Love
1. Guys who know when to go for it...and do.
2. Wheat beer
3. When I'm holding hands with someone and they sorta tickle my palm.

Three Things I Heart
1. When magazines come in the mail.
2. New CDs.
3. That my sister loves to cook for others.

Three Guilty Pleasures
1. Expensive coffee drinks.
2. Things that are fried.
3. US Weekly and the fact that I actually buy it instead of just reading it at the bookstore.

Three Decadent Indulgences
1. Clothing that I don't wear enough to make worth its price.
2. Reality shows that I think would be better if I were on them. (The Hills, Amazing Race, ANTM, etc.)
3. Flirting with people I shouldn't flirt with.

Three Things I Haterade
1. Mary J. Blige
2. Saturated fat
3. Dial Up

Three Things I Don't Understand
1. How some people graduate from college. (I have specific people in mind.)
2. Why they don't all love me.
3. How to look cool, calm and collected when it's 100 degrees out.

Three Things on My Desk
1. magazines
2. gift bags
3. condoms (just kidding)

Three [Innocent] Crushes
1. One of my coworkers.
2. A friend I haven't seen in years.
3. Clive Owen

Three People I'd Be Semi-Powerless Against
1. Justin Timberlake
2. The Russian Maestro
3. Inspector Gadget

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Live in Europe.
2. Have kids that kick ass in what they do.
3. Write a screenplay/symphony/novel.

Three Things I Can Do
1. Tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth. (Me, too, Barmaid! I can also unwrap a Starburst in my mouth.)
2. Ask for free beer in Polish.
3. Find the positive in anything. (Thank you, mom.)

Three Things You Should Listen To
1. Muse
2. Russian classical music
3. Your dentist about flossing.

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1. Naysayers
2. Dave Matthews Band if you think they're the best thing out there.
3. Your college roommate having sex while you're in the room:(

Three Things I'd Like to Learn
1. How to cook fish.
2. Russian.
3. How to make money by being cool.

Three Jobs I'd Love to Try Out
1. Photographer
2. Actress
3. Music Reviewer

Three Favorite Foods
1. crab imperial
2. the pasta primavera I had in Puerto Rico
3. grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes

Three Favorite Quotes (This is when my mind goes blank, by the way.)
1. "I haven't been this happy in minutes."
2. ["You wanna have sex with him?"] "I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both." Again, Barmaid, I have to leave this one because I heart it.)
3. Anything Lorelai says.

Three OnScreen Moments [That Always Make Me Feel Better]
1. When Jordan Catalano reaches for Angela's hand in the hallway.
2. When Ross and Rachel kiss.
3. When Brad Pitt takes his shirt off.

Three Songs I'm Always in the Mood For
1. Everlong- Foo Fighters
2. Today- Smashing Pumpkins
3. Foolish Games- Jewel

*This should remind you of a moment in the show, ok?


Isabella Snow said...

What's with the Rusko fetish??

I can understand quite a bit as I'm not bad in another Slavic language.. but Russia is less romantic than you may think!

On another note, if you ever do pop over to Europe *to live) choose your country carefully!

Px said...

cooking fish is easy, i'll show you one day
that's a promise :)

NotCarrie said...

Isabella Snow- Mainly I love Russian classical music, which spills over into my love for almost anything having to do with the country. It's hard to explain, I'm not sure where it came from.

px- I can't wait.

Marissa said...

I LOVE JORDAN CATALANO! (and I also love anything Lorelai says!)

BC said...

Oh my. I love love LOVE My So Called Life, and I am still stewing over the fact that it only made it that one season. I have the DVD set thanks to an ex boyfriend.

I made a reference to that show teaching one of my classes last year, and my freshman looked at me with a look of "quoi?" It pained me.

Seriously, how hot was Jared Leto in that show.

NotCarrie said...

MSCL had a profound influence on me. Seriously.

Ryan said...

My Realtor is Dave Matthews' best childhood friend. I think I hurt his feelings when my expression said, "Yeah, soo..."