Friday, January 12, 2007


Let's hear it for Theo! (Right about now I'm hoping he really is laid-back and relaxed since I'm totally pimping him out right now in the interweb.)

How can you resist a man who not only has a cat on his shoulder in his pic, but loves "driving fast on a curvy back road"? That's hott, right?

Go bid! And to clear up any confusion, bidding ends tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Bastard stole my cat! (Ok, I let him use that because he doesn't yet have a cat of his own)

Yes, that's my cat on his shoulder. My cat loves to ride around on shoulders, and so the first thing Theo does when he comes over is pick up my cat. "I like having a passenger." is his canonical response to the weird looks.


NotCarrie said...

Daniel- Oh that BASTARD! Let's get him back by telling all of our single friends to BID ON HIM! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Bozwell (The cat) is a punk though. He only stays up there in the kitchen.

Besides, since he's your cat, you shoulsd have a pic of him on file. :p

It now occurs to me that I should've written a fresher profile like I'm selling something on eBay rather than cutting and pasting my profile from long unused dating site...

The dating site got me a housemate... This auction will probably get me a tax accountant or an attourney or something...

Great to have around, but not exactly what I was looking for at the time.