Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blast From The Past Scare

So without giving away too many details, the office I work in was in need of an outside contractor to do some work (the kind of work doesn't matter). What occurred to me, when the guy came in to do it, was that my ex-whatever does that kind of work and his company is in this area! Now the event today isn't exactly something I would write home about since the guy is just some stranger but it made me wonder what I would do if it had been him.

First, I would thank Jeebus I look cute today and my hair looks ok.

Second, I might hide, nullifying the status of the first thing.

I really would not want to have some reunion of sorts full of hellacious small-talk here at work. And then have to answer all of the, "You know him?" questions.

So basically, I'm glad today has been extremely uneventful.


Ashburnite said...

I am constantly wondering if my ex might have a conference at my hotel. He is a mortgage lender, and there always seem to be mortgage conferences here.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Most of my exes are police (yes, I do realize I have a problem), so the less I encounter them on a professional basis, the better! ;)


Vixen said...

Hmmmm. I haven't really met my exes post breakup in a professional scenario. Mostly because we are in totally opposite fields that are unrelated to my job! And I move alot, every couple of So I guess I've been lucky...recrudesce happens on the street or at parties most of the time.

GreenLineBoy said...

I would be an interesting situation to be forced to work with someone who knows you intimately. We all have our 'work face' that we put on. I could just see an ex saying in their head. "Drop the 'professional' act. I've seen you naked." I think you lucked out.

Love the blog by the way.