Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You're Beautiful

I am certainly not the first person to blog about this song, "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, and I am probably not the last. The first time I heard it, I hated it. I hated his voice. But then I saw the lyrics typed out somewhere and really read them. I imagined myself on the metro and seeing someone who took my breath away with their being but knowing that at an upcoming stop we would go our separate ways. What a romantic notion, to experience so much in such a short span of time when no words are exchanged and strangers remain strangers with just a look to connect them.

See, right now you might be thinking, "But NotCarrie, that's not what the song is about!" And you are right. Today, on Oprah (shut up), he explained how the song is very personal and is about a time he saw an ex-girlfriend on the subway (tube?) and she was 'with another man'. He sang the song so well and even though you know he has probably been singing this thing every day for months, you could see he was sincere with the words.

I don't really have a point to all of this, just that I enjoyed his performance. I really love how so much is expressed in the few minutes of the song. I do think I need to stop listening to all of these "break-up songs" though. Ha, I should at least wait until I HAVE a break up!


NotCharlotte said...

He's a good guy, that James Blunt. I think he used to be a soldier or something.

The rest of his cd is not so good, unfortunately...

TheBarmaid said...

He started singing on Oprah today and I swear the whole office stopped and just stood, transfixed by his romance and James Blunt-ness. It didn't hurt to follow Jungle Fever either.

trueborn said...

Nah sad songs get us through the lean times.

Besides, music would suck if everything was happy. Music would no longer be real.

TheBarmaid said...

True, Trueborn, but sometimes the crybaby music gets out of hand. For example, if you find yourself writing a love song about Joey Gladstone, it's time to pull the plug.

Larissa said...

ah yes that's one's a downer indeed.

jo said...

i don't like the song. and i don't like his voice. i think men should sound like men. i didn't like the video where he was stripping either. but yeah the lyrics are nice.

NotCharlotte said...

Yeah, the video just makes me really really cold. Especially when he jumps into the water. What IS the point?!

NotCarrie said...

NotCharlotte- yeah, his soldier pictures were cute:) I like the rest of the CD, not as much as the first two songs though. I'm not sure about the video, I would have liked to hear him explain it.

Barmaid- 1. "Cut, It, Out!" hahah and yeah, the romance is sooooo endearing!

Trueborn- I like any music that is passionate-sad, happy, crazy. The sad stuff does tend to seem more real though and heartfelt. I can't even listen to Elliott Smith too much because it makes me sad.

Larissa- Yeah, it's a downer=/ Good thing it also makes me happy just because it's good!

Jo- Yeah, the lyrics were what made me okay with his voice which did annoy me at first.

NML said...

Please, not you too! I have had to suffer his voice for months now as he has been out in the UK for a while. His voice is *really* grating and the more I hear the song, the more I hate it. I think people like him because he's posh. Doesn't do anything for me. His voice makes me think he's a twat.

trueborn said...

Personally notcharlotte I can't stand country for too long because they are way too weepy.

Me too notcarrie I agree with the Elliot Smith remark.
Jeff Buckley too for similar reasons.
I do like a mixture of happy and sad though. Like Badly Drawn Boy, man he's good.

NotCarrie said...

NML- Hahahhaha, sorry! I can relate though, I didn't want to admit that I liked the song because I hated it for so long. It helped hearing him sing it on Oprah, it was less....high. But also, my intake of the song has been mostly at my doing. I tend to listen to the rock radio stations so I get to pop in that song just when I'm feeling it. Having it shoved in your face would definitely lead to wanting it to die.

Trueborn- Yay, an Elliott Smith fan! Some of my favorite stuff is when a really tough guy sings something soft and sweet. It's why I like those slow, soft 'metal' songs:)

browser58 said...

Well-ll-ll, I just had to head over to to hear some James Blunt samples. Obvious Elton John and James Taylor influences. Songs are a bit repetitive, but then he got them out there in front of the world, so I can't criticize, no one every listened to a song I wrote, but then I never wrote any.

Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, blog about it.

Betsy & Arlene said...

Oooh, we watched that Oprah also - but we were too busy drooling over Simon Baker to pay attention to any kind of musical performance...

NotCarrie said...

Was he on? I just FF because I only had a few moments before I needed to leave. Good thing I saved it though:)

Spyder said...

I once put the video up on my blog to go along with a post. but at the time it was a brand new song. so its had the opposite effect on me. now when i here it i have to turn it off or change the station.
last time i think i almost caused a 15 car pile-up. I was in the back seat, and i told them to change the station. what was i to do :P

VP of Dior said...

oh dear. his voice sounds like cats caught in a blender. don't get me wrong i love sensitive male singers (i.e. jeff buckley and damien rice) but i can't get down with the Blunt (ahem).

NotCarrie said...

Haha I love how divided and opinionated everyone is about this song. It's great! I now feel the need to blog about another, less 'in-the-moment' song, to regain my *cool* status;)

Single guy blogging said...

Yeah NotCarrie - you should blog about So Sick from Ne-Yo. :)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I hated that song at first too!!! His raspy voice was botherin the poop outta me at first.
Then it grew on me, I think after watching the video and really listening to those lyrics.

Damn I missed Oprah today!! I really need to get a job where I work 10am-12pm but get paid the same :)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

i just read your comment referencing Dave Coulier's Full House character (I used his real name to prove my worthiness of such appreciation for such a reference) and I was cracking up but at the same time ecstatic someone would mention that name so randomly.

NotCarrie said...

Laurie and Barmaid- I am glad there are fellow Full House fans out there;) At least, I hope your fans.

Also, Laurie- If you find that job, please let me know so I can submit an application.

TheBarmaid said...

Sometimes my sister and I watch old Full House reruns late at night (and not-so late at night) just to get a little Hawaiian shirt Coulier action. Seriously, how did we all watch this show and never question the randomness of the Joey character? And hot cool Uncle Jesse's association with him?

The best were those episodes where Joey would get huffy and upset because he felt like the girls didn't respect his authority.

(And PS Laurie and NotCarrie -- I don't watch Jake In Progress but I heard a rumor that Lori Loughlin has signed up to play a love interest on the show.)

NotCarrie said...

Personally, I love DJ's clothes and hair, she is my fashion idol.

I also loved when, by the end of the show, it was so many people in the house!:
Uncle Jesse
Aunt Becky
"The twins"
Uncle Joey

am I forgetting anyone?

K said...

I too, love the lyrics but am somehow irritated by the song. And what's with that video?

But a song about girls being beautiful that I can pretend that it's about me is never a bad thing...

TheBarmaid said...

Don't forget Comet and Vicki! (Even though I know Vicki didn't really live there, it just adds to the "fullness")

Anonymous said...

Try "All by myself" ;-)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Carrie n Barmaid - OF COURSE i am a fan. TGIF was awesome back in the day. My sis and I watch the reruns too late at night!!! This makes me happy that I have fellow tuner-inners.
Barmaid you made me crack up again about the kids not respecting Joey's authority. I mean it had to have been hard to do so, what with Joey talking to that woodchuck all the time and doing all those impersonations. It must've gotten annoying.
Uncle Jesse was a relative. I mean Danny married his sister Pam (R.I.P.) so he naturally had more say-so. But Joey was just the childhood friend. He could never truly be the parent.
Good for Rebecca! I'm glad she's on another show. I saw her make a few cameos here and there over the years but nothing big. My mom always liked her.

Vicki I suppose was part of it - although she didn't last for many episodes. I love how they didn't really kill off a girlfriend of Danny's by making them break up on the show. They would just disappear. Like member Rusty's (the love letter episode) mom? She was there for like 2 episodes and vanished without a goodbye.

I've written entirely too much on this subject but I had to get it all out there.
There's so so so much more.


p.s. - Carrie, weren't Steve and Kimmy Gibbler there as well? What was up with that season finale when Michelle got amnesia? I was unimpressed.

NotCarrie said...

Oh no, I can't remember the season finale! Reruns make the timeline confused in my head.

I had the biggest crush on Steven back in the day. When they go to Disneyland and DJ keeps thinkiing she sees him, that was such a great episode. And then he IS there-so romantic.

Stephanie was my favorite-"How rude!"

TheBarmaid said...

Fun Fact: Steve was the voice of Aladdin.

Also Rusty's mom (Cindy) was their dry-cleaning lady, so I suppose in the Full House-universe she never *really* disappeared entirely. That love letter episode is a great one. Rusty was such a trickster.

My fave was Uncle Jesse. Mostly because I feel like John Stamos really played the character 99% Uncle Jesse, 1% Shame and it gave just the right amount of attitude to Uncle Jesse. Among the Uncle J episodes that rank highest are the ones in the beginning when he's wrestling with his old life and new one and Uncle Jesse keeps shouting "Let's do it!" before they play hit musical numbers in the Tanner family living room and Scott Baio and that other guy named 'Hammer' make him ride his motorcycle on the ledge of the building until Nerd Triumverate (Becky, Danny, and Joey) show up and make him be responsible.

Laurie -- Thanks for the RIP on Pam. I think that was my favorite part of your post.

NotCarrie said...

The RIP part for Pam made me laugh out loud and I was all alone, haha.

Were you guys tricked into thinking Michelle was played by a Mary Kate Ashley Olsen? I rememeber being little and trying to figure out why she had so many names;)

You know what really makes me happy about Full House? That Bob Saget is a dirty man! Have you heard his stand up material? I always listen when he's on Elliott in the Morning and he is hilarious but the complete opposite of Danny Taylor. It makes me laugh to think of him playing nerdy Mr. T but all the time he has all these raunchy jokes running through his head.

TheBarmaid said...

NotCarrie -- it's Danny TANNER!

A friend's husband's neighbor's cousin is Bob Saget. Or some other such link. She went to a wedding once and he was regaling them with stories of Full House mania.

NotCarrie said...

Oh my god. that's so funny I made that slip. I WORK with a Danny Taylor...hahahahahhahhahah!!!!!! And we always call him by his full name so it just came out. hahaha, I feel like my status as a Full House fan was ruined by my slip=/

TheBarmaid said...

NotCarrie -- We would never revoke your Full House status for that. You've proven your status by starting the "Name All The Members of the House" contest.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

barmaid - I think i love u. In a purely non-lesbo way of course.

I am happy to say I knew that about Steve!

My favorite fun fact is that recent stuff about little Stephanie's brush with rehab. Who'da thought it? She was so adorable!

CARRIE - I LISTEN TO ELLIOT LOYALLY AND I KNOW WHAT U MEAN ABOUT BOB SAGET! It's incredible because he was so corny on Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos! I was skurd the first time I heard him on Elliot! ahhaha.

The first sign was in Half Baked, when he stood up in the drug rehab group and said, "I SUCKED DICK FOR CRACK."
I was in shock for months.

As for the slip up of names, I'll also let it slide. Sometimes the excitement of talking about Full House overpowers you and your hands just move fast when you're discussing something as mentally stimulating as Full House.

I'm glad you girls think the RIP is funny, but Danny and Jesse would disagree. Also, Stephanie is still scarred for life when she wasn't able to take a "mom" to the beehive slumber party with her fellow girl scouts.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

who knew full house was such a hot topic?

NotCarrie said...

YAY! Glad to have another EITM fan around:)

I was shocked when I heard about Steph and meth. It's rough being the middle daugther!

All right guy, "Cut It Out"...this week's topic is Sweet Valley. (ok ok, I just wanted to say Cut It Out)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Is that table made of ..........wood?