Saturday, March 04, 2006

Talking while Drunk...there's a law about this right?

Alcohol or liquid courage, as I like to think of it has an interesting way of making me philosophical.

I made my debut Fridy night into the world of dating philosophers, during the surprise birthday party the Nots planned for me.

Here are some of the questions I was left pondering before I tried to strip out of my party pants and passed out in blissful birthday liquored up confusion...

Why are we (both male and female alike) so terrified of giving just a little in a relationship? or why do we give so much? Where's the happy medium? is it like a Happy Meal at McD's you can only get one if you're a kid?

During what NotCharlotte has termed my *NotSkippylogue* I realized that I gave way too much power to someone who wasn't giving anything back. I've also had relationships where I've given too little. And now I'm left craving the happy medium meal.

So I'm hoping that third times the charm and I'll give just enough and get just enough and well...I'll let the guy worry about his own drunkenly discovered neuroses!

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