Saturday, March 18, 2006

She Sends Kisses

So last night NotMiranda and I met up with one of my girlfriends from my second job, NotVCU and we tried to make the most of our St. Patrick's Day. NotGay was having a party, but that was all the way at Capitol Hill and we sat at a cafe for about 30 minutes talking ourselves out of going (drive too far, no good parking, metro ride hell). So instead we went in search of cute boys to look at. We ended up at a bar off of Main Street Fairfax that has a small stage, where many local bands tend to play. For only 5 bucks we got to stand there and watch George Mason University win against Michigan(?) and give eye sex to the cute bouncers. I kept making eyes with this one guy so I decided to write my phone number down and was going to pass it to him on our way out.
I chickened out. Much to NotMiranda's disapproval. But I do believe I completely made up for it.
After we dropped NotVCU off at her car, NotMiranda and I headed to my house for cheesecake, Bailey's and "What Not to Wear" (I <3 Stacy and Clinton), but before we could bask in the glow of learning what goes with neutral colored pants, I decided to do something BOLD.
I sent NotBeast an email telling him about the crush I have on him. It was a fairly well written 2 (short) paragraph email explaining why I hadn't told him this sooner and also asking him to dinner. The hardest part was pushing the "send" button, but I did it.

Now I must wait. Which is agonizing for me already. Thanks to stupid Gmail Notifier, every time I see the little envelope at the bottom righthand side of my screen, I get all nervous.

Believe me though, you guys will be (close to) the first people to know what(if) he replies.

For my sake though, let's hope it's soon!


NotCarrie said...

Last time I sent an email like that I screamed while doing it:)

CoatMan said...

What did you put in the e-mail?

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

NotCarrie!!!!!!! Omg. I lurve you. That comment had me crackin up. That is sooooooooo how I am.

You drama ho.

NotCarrie said...

Yeah I was freaking out...What would REALLY be funny is if I screamed when I sent all emails, haha!

jo said...

haha! i would freaked out while sending out an email like that too... i can't say that i've ever done that before though...

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Test it.

At work tomorrow try screaming before send on all your emails. :)

You might get a mental break vacation from your boss :)

Larissa said...

eeek. emails and texts after drinking are trouble. i've had to learn the hard way